kahuna masksSo what the heck is a “Kahuna”

And what does this have to do with coaching success??

A lot.  You see, the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas (“Ka” means “keeper” and “Huna” means “secret”) were known for performing miracles.  Their “secret” was the inner knowledge that miracles happen when you find a powerful force, put your intention in the direction of that force, and let that force carry you to unbelievable heights.

They did this by harnessing the synergistic power of the THREE SELVES – the Unihipili, Uhane and Aumakua.  They saw these beings that make up each human “being” as a microcosm of nature itself – the source of unlimited power and intelligence.

This is the secret of the Huna, and the “secret” that can explode your potential – and that of your clients! Consequently, a good life coach can perform similar miracles with others . . . maybe not the walking-on-water- walking-through-walls kind, but miracles nonetheless.

If you are a Life Coach or consultant, your miracles shine through with your clients.  THEIR accomplishments are your trophy and your achievement.  If, therefore, you don’t help your clients create miracles in their lives, ask yourself the question “What more can I do to create miracles for my clients?” 

You as a Life Coach already have the basics.  You  know, for example that your clients can only achieve their goals when they have the following information:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be (or what does my goal look like)?
  3. What resources do I now possess that can start me on the path in that direction?

So what is needed to IMPART this knowledge to your clients?  Are they clear?  Free of self-sabotage?  Do they even know what they want . . . or where they want to be??  Your job is to help your client unlock the answers to these questions, and uncover the motivation necessary to drive their search for these answers.

By doing this, you establishing yourself as a true COACHING KAHUNA!   

I just finished a whimsical video ad clip

that will be running on some YouTube videos soon (and you can see it below) . . . that’s me with a so-called “Kahuna Mask” that I use to describe my new launch of the COACHING KAHUNA OVERVIEW program.

If you are new to this site, you may wonder what the heck a Hawaiian Kahuna has to do with coaching . . .

CONFESSION:  First of all, I have to be honest here and say that the mask you see in the video below is actually one I brought back from Sri Lanka back in 1987, so it has nothing to do with Kahunas.  Secondly, there IS no mask- so far as I know – that Kahunas use.  I just thought this was close enough to a totem image that may be found on a Hawaiian totem pole.

The Hawaiian term for “Keeper” is “Ka,” and the word for “Secret” is “Huna,” so “Kahuna” translates to “Keeper of the Secret,” or a Hawaiian shaman who knew how to perform miracles and heal people.  As a “Coaching Kahuna,” therefore, you will have the power to transform people’s lives in very direct ways that lead to outstanding results.  If performing miracles for clients appeals to you, watch the video below, then click on the button below it to get more information.

 Coaching Kahuna