The Coaching Dream Do you have a dream of growing your coaching business or consulting business bigger . . . to a point where you can think of doing business over the phone or Skype while living in a cozy villa on your favorite tropical island? Have you ever dreamed of coaching in the morning, then retiring before lunch to your Tiki Hut to enjoy your cold margarita and beach view?? I did . . . and still do! One of the ways I found that works best of all is to sell your coaching or consulting services to people around the world!  And what better way of doing that than by creating or improving your... (Read More ...)

Amazon Is Top Dog Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, selling over $74.45 BILLION  US Dollars worth of merchandise in 2013 alone!  Were it not for the fact that FAA regulations limit their ability to fly a robot drone directly to your door with this merchandise, they would be even much bigger!  And that day is coming. The fact is, Amazon sells nothing by itself; it’s a distributor.  It  provides a popular platform and marketplace for product sellers.  Period.  If you sell products these days, you need to be on Amazon to be found.  It’s that simple. So what does... (Read More ...)

St. Paddy’s Day Almost everyone in America is familiar with celebrating St. Patrick on March 17th.  This is the time set aside to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland who supposedly drove out all the snakes (or the Devil, whichever you choose to believe).  This is the day when both the Irish and non-Irish clink together their glasses of green beer and shout “Erin Go Braugh” as an excuse to skip work and act like an idiot for 24 hours. Although I’m from  Savannah, Georgia – home of the 2nd largest St. Patrick’s day parade in the USA – and only a smidgen... (Read More ...)

I Took My Vision For Granted I’ve always been a bit nearsighted . . . enough anyway to require corrective lenses since I was 13.  I’m now 62. About a year ago I decided it was time to get more glasses since things  started blurring a bit more.  The optometrist, however, said I needed something more than glasses, but wasn’t quite sure what.  He referred me to an ophthalmologist. Since I hate having my eyes dilated, however, I put off making an appointment. Finally, when my eyesight got noticeably worse, I stopped procrastinating and made that eye doctor appointment with a big... (Read More ...)

(Part 3 of a 3-Part Series) In the last two parts of this series, I covered two of the five weight loss secrets, i.e., the five main contributing factors to Obesity.  In Part One I went over the reasons why MSG and Soy products contribute to both poor health and obesity. In Part Two, I covered the work by Drs. Starr and Tennant concerning what they perceive as a thyroid deficiency epidemic, and how obesity ties in directly to this plague. In this article I want to go over the rest of the factors I didn’t cover before . . . and also add a SIXTH FACTOR I consider to be the “Lynchpin”... (Read More ...)