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On March 9, 2015
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Quantum Vision system. Good report, but contains material also found elsewhere if you have the time to look for it.

vision method 300x300 Can Vision Be Cured...?I Took My Vision For Granted

I’ve always been a bit nearsighted . . . enough anyway to require corrective lenses since I was 13.  I’m now 62.

About a year ago I decided it was time to get more glasses since things  started blurring a bit more.  The optometrist, however, said I needed something more than glasses, but wasn’t quite sure what.  He referred me to an ophthalmologist. Since I hate having my eyes dilated, however, I put off making an appointment.

Finally, when my eyesight got noticeably worse, I stopped procrastinating and made that eye doctor appointment with a big clinic here in Atlanta. The resident Ophthalmologist ran bunches of tests and eye scans.  He then referred me to a specialist who ran more tests and referred me to another specialist who ran even more tests.

Finally, the specialists’ specialist sat me down and told me that, in addition to both eyes having the “usual old age problems” of cataracts and macular degeneration (ouch!) I had an additional problem in my left eye called “macular pucker” that would require two surgeries in the left eye alone. Double Ouch.

How could this be?   I’ve been a chiropractor for more than thirty years with degrees in acupuncture and alternative medicine.   In my mind I was already “living the dream” of a healthy life.  So how did I suddenly become legally blind in one eye?!

Is There A Cure For My Vision Problem?

Needless to say, the news was not received with great enthusiasm, and the rebel in me started looking for alternatives.  I searched the Internet and found something called the “Quantum Vision System” that offers a “shocking presentation” that the “eye care industry does not want you to see.” Great come-on.

Since I knew that the Internet is full of scams and come-ons, however, I did my research first.  Sure enough I found the “scam alerts” about this same material and its author.  Although there were a few red flags, mostly saying that “much of what’s in this report is material you can find for free elsewhere,” I decided to plunk down the $37 anyway.  The fact is, I didn’t want to spend the TIME to chase down all these other “free” sources of information!  Also, since I’d already spent thousands just to get a diagnose, I figured a small added expense wouldn’t hurt, especially since it came with free bonus material.

The information contained in this report – although not revolutionary to me – is good for anyone having vision problems to read. Many of the eye exercises cam from the Bates method, the nutritional advice was simple and straightforward, and the acupressure points given were rudimentary, but effective. Overall, the reoprt lived up to some of its hype and I was not disappointed.  The fact is, however, that as a coach and chiropractor, I also know that most people won’t take even the small steps needed to get the results promised.  We’re all looking for a quick fix; hence the popularity of drugs and surgery!

The Future of Eye Care

I will start using the Quantum Vision System anyway, mostly because I have nothing to lose. I figured that, although I doubt it can do anything about a severe retinal or macular problem, it can certainly point me back in the right direction towards better overall eye health.

Although I may still have surgery at some time in the future, I’ve decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Jerry Tennant, author of Healing Is Voltage, Healing Eye Diseases.  I want to see if there is something else I can do that does NOT require surgery . . . of if there is something else I can add that can mitigate any negative effects of surgery.

Dr. Tennant, himself an Ophthalmologist, was getting amazing results healing Glaucoma while performing cataract surgeries. The Feds shut him down, saying he was “doing unnecessary surgery.”  Although he was doing the cure for free, the Feds still threatened to pull his license if he persisted.  Go figure.

If you as a coach would like to help, there are various ways you can offer solutions to your coaching clients that can literally transform their lives.  Just make sure you don’t step on medical-pharmaceutical toes while doing this.  The law is very specific,  and almost always favoring the side of Big Pharma and medical protocol.  There ARE ways, however, to set up associations where information can be disseminated freely.  freedom of speech and association, at least so far, is still legal in the USA.

Check back to this blog from time to time to get updates.

As you’ve no doubt heard many times, life is a journey, and the road can have many twists, turns, and forks.  Just pick the way that brings you the most satisfaction and start moving forward.

To your Success,

Dr. Craig

Quantum Vision system. Good report, but contains material also found elsewhere if you have the time to look for it.