And Now…My Unicycle Falling Act! OUCH!! For a while, it looked like the end of my unicycling “career” . . . both bones in my forearm were shattered from a freak accident involving me, my unicycle, and a hidden dip in the asphalt on the Atlanta Beltline Trail. I had a broken arm. For over 4 years, since 2010, I had ridden over 4000 miles to help raise money for the Himalayan Children’s Charities, (a non-profit foundation helping to support Nepalese orphans . . . and now is involved with raising money for the massive earthquake relief effort there in Kathmandu) and had... (Read More ...)

Video Course Summary So far Russell has covered: Marketing Success vs. Failure (Video 1, published April 5th) The Secret Formula (Video 2, April 12th) Today we bring you a 22-minute clip on self-coaching success. This is the final video of our 3-Part Series. Enjoy all the videos, refer back to them often, leave a comment below, but most of all . . . Order Russell Brunson’s FREE BOOK before the offer ends on April 21st! Video 3: Coaching Yourself To Success As a life or business coach, you no doubt use some of the goal achievement ideas that Russell covers in this video with your clients. ... (Read More ...)

Last week, I discussed the differences between “Internet Marketing” and “Online Marketing” for entrepreneurs, the keys to turning failure into success, and presented a clip from a recent workshop on marketing success – the first of three video clips I’ll be bringing you.   Today we’ll cover… The Secret Formula for Coach Marketing How do you normally market your coaching practice?  Go to lots of group meetings and events to meet and network with other coaches and professionals?  Call all your friends and family members to tell them what you do... (Read More ...)

Marketing Success Videos For those who signed up for Russell Brunson’s FREE BOOK Offer (available last week until April 21st for the price of shipping), you already know he includes the 2014 videos of his 10-module “DotCom Secrets Ignite Workshop” as a bonus. I’ve seen this video training . . . and all I can say is that it is phenomenal!  Russell covers all aspects of online marketing, and I furiously took notes on how I saw his teaching as it relates to coaching success – particularly as it relates to building your coaching business. In today’s blog post and... (Read More ...)