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For those who signed up for Russell Brunson’s FREE BOOK Offer (available last week until April 21st for the price of shipping), you already know he includes the 2014 videos of his 10-module “DotCom Secrets Ignite Workshop” as a bonus.

I’ve seen this video training . . . and all I can say is that it is phenomenal!  Russell covers all aspects of online marketing, and I furiously took notes on how I saw his teaching as it relates to coaching success – particularly as it relates to building your coaching business. In today’s blog post and those following I’ll be bringing you more clips of this workshop.  If you like them, sign up here to get Russell’s Book and Training for FREE! 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Watch the first 22-minute video at the bottom of this articlebut read the article first.  There are some important distinctions you need to know before jumping into what could be a VERY lucrative method to market your coaching!  

Internet Marketing is NOT for Coaches

As a chiropractor and coach, I’ve long been a fan of inter-disciplinary studies.  I’ve always looked for the best ways to do things in my chosen field, but often found that the best answers are found in other fields of study or business.  One of these other fields that can impact your coaching business the most is online marketing.  

 When I jumped into the field of Internet Marketing to learn as much as I could I quickly discovered 3 things:

  1. Internet Marketing is a business, not a fad
  2. Some people make a lot of money; others barely a dime, and
  3. “Internet Marketing” is different from “online marketing”… the difference is subtle, but real.

Internet Marketing (IM) is a business for those who really love to make money by using marketing to find out what people want, then selling it to them. In most cases IM appeals to those who want an “Internet business” as opposed to those who want to market their business using the Internet. It actually took me several years to understand the difference.  Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time and money on Internet marketing  courses and training that had nothing to do with my own wish to spread the Logical Soul® message or train coaches.

Online Marketing (OM), on the other hand, means that you are primarily focused on selling your product or service . . . and one of the tools you want to use is the Internet to reach potential customers and clients.

In IM you are primarily interested in selling online products and services based on what you find that customers are looking for.  In OM, however, you are primarily concerned with your own niche (e.g., plumbing, coaching or widgets – namely selling offline products and services) to those searching for your particular product or service through the Internet.  The difference here is that you have already defined your niche.  Although your marketing approach may vary, your product or service remains fairly constant.

An Internet marketer might try to sell a course on list-building, sales copy-writing,  or how to split test a sales or opt-in page.  You as a coach would also be using some of these tools, but your primary interest is selling your coaching services (and products) online.  You’re not interested necessarily in marketing except for that purpose.  Another example would be banking; while you may use a bank for business purposes, you’re not going to run out and start a bank.

First Video:  Success or Failure?

In the following video excerpt (and in Module 1 of his training, and in his DotCom Secrets book), Russell covers these major points:

  1. Your Marketing Game Plan
  2. Online Marketing for Businesses
  3. The Benefits of being Overwhelmed (!)
  4. The Major Difference between Success and Failure

Enjoy!  And please leave a comment below if you liked it . . .