Daddy Earl, circa 1943 “There is no secret to success” announced my most important mentor many years ago.  “It’s all about hard work and being responsible!”  That mentor was Earl, my father, and I didn’t want to believe him.  I kept checking out books on”how to get rich” and felt his ways were old fashioned and too slow.  He was, after all, only a middle class ex-navy man and architect whose life I knew so little about.  So as a kid I never thought to ask him about success.  I didn’t want to be like him, really, because he was usually... (Read More ...)

No Respect? Like the former comedian Rodney Dangerfield, placebos just “can’t get no respect!”  In this article, I will investigate the latest brain science, i.e., why this is so… and more importantly, how the scientific and medical community is coming around to actually praise this elusive health factor that can affect you and your coaching clients . . . and how they respond to your coaching. Let’s face it:  certain coaching clients get better results than others.  Might the “placebo effect” play a part in responding to coaching as well as to medical... (Read More ...)

Earthquake Relief Recently I got a mailing from Bruce and Susan Keenan, founders of the Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC) – the foundation for whom I’d been riding a unicycle for years until my sudden accident.  They reported good news about the city of Kathmandu and surrounding areas still recovering from the recent devastation: Here is the HCC Letter Reprinted: At the end of the first week after the earthquake, our HCC students are all doing well.   So far, HCC has raised over $11,000 toward the relief efforts in Nepal.  Thank you to all that have donated!!!   To date,... (Read More ...)