Interesting Stuff…  Today, my wife Brigitte and I had our first session of Higher Brain Living® (HBL), a technique we learned about only last week.  The sessions were given simultaneously by Walter, our facilitator, and took about 2 hours.  Afterwards we both felt refreshed and renewed, and now Brigitte wants to become a facilitator herself! I find the process interesting for a couple of reasons: First, the technique was developed by a Michael Cotton, a chiropractor who, like me, also studied acupuncture, eastern traditions, and various healing and energy modalities. Both of us, it seems,... (Read More ...)

Go To The Places Where Your Prospective Clients Hang Out! Wow, what a concept . . . is getting clients really as easy as that?  “Yes!” according to best-selling author and coach Christian Michelsen.  Getting clients, says he,  is almost like shooting fish in a barrel (rhetorically speaking) . . . you just need to know the location of the barrel! In the third edition of his classic best-seller Get Clients Today – available now for FREE – he even gives away his little known secrets he usually reserves for his $5K in-house workshops!  Christian names names and gives locations. ... (Read More ...)

OK, I’ve been working like the dickens to get this thing to press by the end of Monday… and there are still some bugs to work out on the optin page, but better something than nothing, so here goes… The Logical Soul® Is Now Online (V 1.0) Back in 2008 I created an online training course that I shared with early subscribers, and it helped me create the content for my first published book (The Logical Soul) back in 2009.  Now you can have access to these same videos and transcripts for FREE! That’s right.  I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on Logical... (Read More ...)

… And Boy are my arms tired! Sorry about that; sometimes old jokes lend themselves to good stories, and I have one. You see, I attended Russell Brunson’s “Funnel Hacking” event from May 27-30, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of my least interesting places to be… I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, cheat on my wife or like big extravaganzas, so Vegas has historically never appealed to me. Or so I thought. Russell Brunson’s Click Funnels training event opened my eyes quite a bit to new possibilities for marketing and serving more and more of my people.   He and... (Read More ...)