JohnCalerdine 300x258 The Passing of a Friend...“He Was A Gentle Soul”

John Calerdine was a successful businessman, intelligent, friendly, and motivated by a genuine desire to grow personally and spiritually. . . all indeed qualities of a gentle soul.  I met him through my wife Brigitte, with whom he did business.  He was a client who was also working his way into our lives as a friend.

Then he died.  Suddenly last year.

“Drank himself to death,” revealed a mutual friend.  “They just found him slumped over in a chair in his home…” I was obviously saddened by the news, and sorry I didn’t get a chance to get closer to him while he lived.

Later I found he had received a diagnosis from one medical doctor who told him he would die soon from his progressing diabetes . . . so John apparently decided to forgo the pity party and end it quicker (…and for the sake of discretion I will keep my feelings towards this doctor private until another time).

John was primarily a loner.  He didn’t socialize much, but when he did show up he contributed a lot to our discussions.  He loved the Logical Soul®, attended a few meetups, and signed up for sessions to improve his life, his finances, and relationships.

Below is a video of one of the Logical Soul® Meetups from 2013.  Every time I watch it, I feel a twinge of responsibility . . .  When this video was made, I only offered a few sessions and courses here and there.  I had NO fully-developed program for the Logical Soul®either for sessions or for training.  Had I had this in 2013 or earlier, John would have no doubt taken part . . . and might still be alive today.

A Lasting Tribute?

So as I write this, I dedicate the completion and promotion of our new and improved Logical Soul® programs to John’s memory.  Sad to say, this is the only way I can thank him for his immense contributions to the understanding and eventual spreading of this work!

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