osho tapobanThe brief layover in London last Tuesday went exceedingly well, and afforded Brigitte (Soma) and I the opportunity to take in a bit of this International city.  By evening, we arrived at London-Heathrow Airport and settled in for another night flight to New Delhi, where we would connect to yet another flight, this time to Nepal.

Arriving in Delhi in the morning (Sept. 16) was like landing on Mars, except there were a LOT more people, odors and chaos.  We had to quickly get our transit Visas and fly to Kathmandu , arriving  two hours later.

The weather was like it was when we left Atlanta – cool and crisp – but that same Asian condition of what I call “controlled chaos” prevailed.  Someone from the Osho Tapoban ashram was waiting for us, and in less than an hour we found ourselves in this veritable paradise just outside the city, founded and operated by an Osho disciple, Swami Arun (Osho passed away in 1990).

The past several days have been heavenly.  Soma spent her days in Dynamic meditation with her Osho group, while I do my own (TM) meditation and wandered about like a curious child.  The crisp air, beautiful surroundings and monkeys all add to the magic of the moment.

Nest stop:  Monday (Sept 21) we fly further into the mountains to another Osho ashram, this one in Pokhara, and run by Osho disciple Swami Vedant.