This Is Not Your Daddy’s Coaching Method…

muscle testing2 300x287 Muscle Testing and Chakra BalancingMuscle Testing?  Chakras? 

Come on… What is this? New age psycho babble??

To some who don’t care to look beyond the surface, yes.   In fact, I used to think so myself . . . until a wise, but fairly orthodox chiropractor in Macon, Georgia in the mid-1970’s showed me a whole new way to self-knowledge… and rocked my world!  Since then I have been slowly uncovering the wisdom revealed by this  powerful method.

It Works!

I bring up these subjects because – as a Life or Business Coach – you want to do the best job for your clients.  As such, you have two basic things to consider:

  1. What are my client’s blocks or challenges, and
  2. Can I help him or her to get beyond these challenges and get where they want to be?

Both questions require a bit of wisdom and insight for answers, and as a coach, you are duty-bound to do all you can to assist your clients find these answers without investing a lot of time or expense.  In this article, I’m going to share with you an approach I use with clients that might help both you and your coaching clients get to the root of both questions fast, easily, and inexpensively.

(NOTE: If you find the subject matter of this article a bit strange or unorthodox, that’s OK.  Just know that I come from the school of thought called “If it Works, it’s True.”  That means I will give you some information based on what has worked for me and others.  If it works for you, great!  there’s no need to understand or justify it.  If it doesn’t work for you, however, feel free NOT to use it!)

Muscle Testing For Feedback

Muscle testing is a tool I use to answer the age old question most doctors and patients have, namely, “What the heck is wrong??”  When used correctly, muscle testing can be both quick and accurate, with the added benefits of convenience and no cost.

Here is an instructional video my wife and I produced a couple of years ago that best explains this approach:

Testing Chakras

“Chakra” is simply an energy center in the body.  The ancient Indian and Chinese physicians were acutely aware of these energy chakras – or vortices – throughout the body that seemed to govern the supply of energy and nutrition to the cells, tissues and organs.  They also discovered that these same vortices could be weakened or strengthened to produce dramatic results – either super abilities or chronic diseases.

EyeHand 225x300 Muscle Testing and Chakra BalancingIn the Logical Soul® method, I test the Chakra centers to determine which hidden decisions are running the person’s life.  These can be from childhood, ancestral, or even past life!

Recently I discovered my third chakra – or power center – had been closed for most of my life, except during certain times when I felt the most alive.  By tracing the line of energy to its source, my wife and I were able to uncover the fact that – while I believed intellectually that having power can be a good thing – my SUB-conscious belief was that all power corrupts.  This belief, in turn, kept my “power center” shut down!

Other chakras may pertain to different deep beliefs or convictions.  Here is a quick guide to what I call “Chakra Decisions.”  You can test each one to see if they are Open or Closed using “therapy localization,” or touching the area while muscle testing to see if the arm goes weak or not.  If weak, that means the person chakra may be temporarily or permanently shut down, and has an issue pertaining to the related decision.  Here is the guide:

  1. First Chakra (Perineum, or tip of the coccyx) – Pertains to survival and basic life force.  the decision “I choose to be here – in the body, on the planet” is fundamental at this level.  When this chakra is closed, the person is largely ineffective in all areas of life, has low energy, and may even have a tendency to self-destruct or constantly fail at everything.
  2. Second Chakra (sex organs; Lumbo-sacral joint) – This chakra gives us the ability to connect with others on an intimate basis, both sexually and non-sexually.  “Relationships are safe” is a good test for this one. When closed, the person is not inclined to form close relationships, and usually avoids them.
  3. Third Chakra (Just above the navel or belly button) – The belief “It’s safe to have power and use it” is the centerpiece of this energy center. When closed, the person may be fearful, ineffectual and unable to achieve solid results in his or her area of concern.
  4. Fourth Chakra (mid-sternum and mid-back) – The “Heart Chakra” is obviously all about love and connection, not only to others, but to the whole world and universe.  When closed, however, the person retains fear connecting with others in this way, becomes resistant or stubborn to change, and is often critical of events and circumstances.  Test “I love life and others” to see if open or closed.
  5. Fifth Chakra (Throat and mid-neck area) – This chakra is often tied to communication and persuasion. Test the throat area and also the decision “I can easily and clearly describe my needs to others.”
  6. Sixth Chakra (third eye or area between and just above the eyebrows) – This chakra has been shown to be related to the pineal gland, and has to do with intuition, insight, your “sixth sense” and meditation.  Testing it, however, can be tricky, since therapy localization on this point almost always produces a “weak” signal that means that muscle testing can work for this person.  In other words,  a weak test does NOT mean this chakra is closed.  Better to test by placing your palm about 6-8 inches in front of the chakra (without touching) and THEN test.  If closed, there might be a belief related to not understanding life or understanding (or accepting) one’s life purpose or even just the subject at hand.  It could also mean that the person thinks too much and doesn’t trust their intuitive factors to guide them.  One statement I test for those with a closed 6th chakra is “I choose to know about _____.”
  7. Seventh Chakra (top of the head) – The Crown Chakra is tied historically to one’s connection to the Divine or High Self.  If closed, that means the person is easily misled or manipulated by others, and can be controlled by others and by the media.  Being connected to one’s OWN High Self is optimal, if for no other reason than becoming more “grounded in spirit.” Without this connection, a person loses the ability to seek and maintain inner happiness.

That’s it!  That’s my ten-minute guide to self-discovery.  Let me know what you think… please leave a comment to share!