whirlingdervishes The Journey of a Meditator, Part 2In my previous article, I talked about how either having high energy or shocking experiences can sometimes take you out of the body . . . at least that’s what happened to me since my nervous system at that time (work in progress) was not strong enough.

In this article I want to discuss what I call “Spiritual First Aid” – or ways to come back in, get grounded, and thus be more effective in life.

The Three Selves

In the mid-1980’s I met my future (and current) husband, Dr. Michael Craig.  He introduced me to all kinds of new ideas.  One of my most favorite ideas had to do with how I can really see myself in an entirely different light.  He introduced me to a method he developed called the Logical Soul®.

Logic of the Soul?  No, it made little sense to my mind, but then, once I began to understand it, my life changed for the better…

For Michael, the subconscious mind was not a mere object or “thing” that we can manipulate like so many blocks of wood or computer programs.  He described to me a world where our subconscious is actually a very conscious “being” that carries out the life decisions we have made in the past (or made for us) that affect every aspect of our lives.  He said this comes from Huna, an ancient Hawaiian term meaning “secret,” and he incorporates this teaching into this very unique method.

According to the Huna, there are three selves:  the low, middle and high self.  In the west, we call these divisions subconscious, conscious and super-conscious.  The only difference is that Huna, unlike western psychologists, treats these differences personally, not like impersonal parts to a human robot.

What I learned from the Logical Soul® is that two beings inhabit and run the body – the lower self (the one who remembers everything and governs the emotions, intuition and five senses and very loyal), and the middle self (ego-center – conscious decision-maker).  These two beings have very distinct functions, and the reason I share this with you is because when both are fully present and aligned within the body, almost anything is possible.

Resolving Self Conflicts

Really and truly.  I’ve experienced this in many areas:  relationships, love, money and health. But,  in order for me to know when and how all the “beings” were grounded in my body, I had to get to know them and their characteristics first!

Both the low self (subconscious) and middle self (conscious) have to be both at peace and what Michael calls “congruent” with one another.  This means they are able to resolve conflicts and contrary objectives.

For example:  I consciously wanted to make money, but I unconsciously wanted nothing to do with wealth, since none of my family or ancestors had wealth.  More than that, they had lots of opinions about money and why it is bad.  Since this hidden decision was embraced by my low self (subconscious), and since this being runs the show, I therefore made no money!

Oh, and I had no idea, consciously, there was a subconscious program running this.  Of course I just had to look at my finances to give me a clue . . . . and it did.  But I never connected what is happening to me with an inner decision!

Then I had a few sessions with Michael.  Oh how surprised I was.. knowing I could never have gotten to this underlying story by “thinking my way” to it!   Trust me . . . my mind is very good at providing excuses, reasons and explanations about why things are the way they are.

Now my money issue was not just about money…..I had a story running that obviously I can’t be spiritual and have money at the same time!  I didn’t know I had this . . . I guess I inherited it from my good German stock.

Can you imagine what happened when I meditated?  Because the law that ran me about money, and the fact that money has a lot to do with being here on this planet, my intention, therefore, was to catapult myself OUT of the body!

The other thing I discovered is that our minds don’t hold a paradox very well.  This means I couldn’t have both – being “in the body” AND “attracting money.”  My money law was either “this or that” . . . it was either “God or Money” – not both!

So these kinds of internal laws created havoc in my life.  I thought with my spiritual ego, however, that I was special.  I also thought I was happy, so long as I was NOT rich!  Circumstances in my life were giving me lots of clues… I just didn’t get them at the time.

Anyhow, what I want to say is that I was NOT very present in my body ….

How To Get Completely Grounded

elephant The Journey of a Meditator, Part 2Almost anything is possible when your low and middle selves are in alignment and agreement. And its fairly simple to get to this state. Remember the unwelcome guests Osho talked about?  You can actually find out if there’s anyone else in there!

You can find out today, with a partner, using a simple muscle test:

  • Test to see if your conscious mind is present and in the body.
  • Test to see if your subconscious (low self) is in the body.
  • Test to see if someone else has taken control of your body, mind or subconscious.

In case one or both selves have vacated or left the body, would you like to know how to bring them back?  Its simple, really.  Just close your eyes and ask them to come back, while simultaneously letting go of the “others.”

To quote Osho again:  “Enlightenment is when you drop all the voices in your head and just be yourself…” 

The “being” he refers to is simply that – being without thought, concern, worry, or fear… simply being a presence.  This is something I feel any mediator can surely embrace!  Experiment with your partner and write us your experiences or comments.

Leave me a comment below…