In my previous blog post entitled “The Unseen Forces That Run Your Life,” I covered ways that thought impulses can be affected by parents, ancestors, friends, culture, etc.  In this article, I will  give you ways you can actually use that information as a coach to achieve positive results in your own and other people’s lives.  

How To Discover The Source of Thoughts

As a coach, you are dealing with clients whose thought sources may be unknown to you.  If so, it is difficult to asses the proper motivation of this client, and therefore help them to achieve his or her goal.

For example, let’s say your client comes to you and says “I want to lose weight.”  That request is simple, straightforward, and usually easy to remedy by putting them on a proper nutrition and exercise program.  But what is the CAUSE of the weight gain in the first place?  Is it simply overeating and sloppy habits?  Or could it be something deeper like a mal-functioning thyroid or sexual abuse as a child?

Obviously, if you are a coach not trained as a doctor, nutritionist or therapist, you will likely recommend a good doctor or therapist for those with underlying traumas.  But how do you determine whether or not this is a simple issue that coaching can help . . . or a much deeper issue that only therapy can deal with?

Muscle Testing As Navigational Tool

muslce testingThe Art of Muscle Testing can be used to more narrowly define a problem and rule out others.  While I don’t recommend you use muscle testing (or Applied Kinesiology) as a diagnostic tool unless you’ve bee properly trained, I do suggest you can use it to quickly determine whether or not you can deal with a client’s problem.

Using the weight loss example, I would usually start off by testing answers given by the  body/subconscious answers (a “Yes” or “No” for “strong” or “weak”) for some of the following statements:

  1. I can reach my ideal weight.
  2. I choose to obtain my ideal weight.
  3. I allow (the person’s name as the conscious mind) access to do this.
  4. I have permission to reach my ideal weight.
  5. It is safe to be at my ideal weight.

Each of the above five statements test something different:

  1. Can tests the belief of the person in his/her own ability.
  2. Choose tests the intent of the person to act.
  3. Allow tests the subconscious connection the person has to his/her conscious intent.
  4. Permission tests whether or not the person is influenced and restricted by an outside sources (i.e., parents, ancestors, spirits, etc.)
  5. Safe tests whether or not the person as abused as a child, or is currently under some kind of threat to his or her well-being.  A woman who was sexually abused as a child, for example, may have made the subconscious decision to grow up to be undesirable in appearance in order to avoid further sexual contact.

By testing the above statements I obtain information about the subconscious hidden decisions held by my client that run his or her life.  These are the forces that I speak off that – unless they are dealt with and changed – will continue to sabotage any and all efforts at change. AFTER they are changed, however, this change is often permanent, and the person will achieve results with little or no effort!!

This is critical to know – that hidden decisions are like an icon for each piece of software running on your computer.  Once you change the program, clicking on the icon will no longer give yield the same results!  Logical Soul® can, therefore, give you and your client instant and permanent results!

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated!