unseen forcesIn this Halloween and fall harvest season, it’s good to pause for a moment and reflect on some of life’s deeper realities.  The common focus in fall is about the mystery of death, dying, and transformation.  But what makes this mystery so alluring?

It’s simple:  the unknown and unknowable is always fascinating, simply because they affect every aspect of our lives!

The unseen forces that run your life are not usually ghosts or poltergeists… they are actually much more familiar to you. In fact, they are SO familiar, you often don’t even notice them!

The Unseen Source of Thought

Have you ever watched your thoughts?  If so, you already know that this little trickle of energy that runs through your body and mind every day – a thought – is probably the biggest mystery facing mankind from the dawn of history until now.  Philosophers and scientists have faced the idea of tracing thoughts to their source for centuries, usually to little or no avail.

The reason that the source of thought has been so elusive over the centuries is because thoughts themselves – based on our egos – were the only tools we had to understand this hidden treasure.  the few who were led to meditation practices found more by going within to the source, while others could only suffer beng buffetted around from thought to thought on the surface of the mind.

Mass ignorance of the Source remained for centuries until the western spread of meditation teachings, and the advent of subconscious feedback tools like hypnosis, bio-feedback and muscle testing.

In the 1970’s I spent time with an India mystic, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who passed on knowledge of mediation he had gleaned from his master, and the tradition of masters spanning over 5,000 years. At the time, I didn’t realize the power of the knowledge being imparted, but after a series of events led me to discover and develop the Logical Soul® I began to realize what I had, and wanted to share this with others.

Thought impulses, according to Maharishi, arise from deep within our consciousness, a place he describes as “Being,” or pure awareness.  Because these impulses pass through layers of feelings, outside influences and ego, however, the arising thoughts usually lead to drama and suffering.  Since we often identify with thoughts, we mistakenly believe that if we have cloudy thoughts, WE are cloud!

“Those who put on green glasses will only see green.”  – Maharishi

How often, for example, have you had a particularly nasty or unruly thought come up, then judged yourself harshly for having this thought?  The fact is, NO thought is “ours.”  We only experience them – much like a radio receiver picking up signals from a local station or transmitter.  Because this “transmitter could be from our own body, memory, or some other source, we usually have no idea where our thoughts come from. 

Unseen Forces

After more than 25 years of research and observation, I have traced numerous forces that produce thought impulses.  By nature, these causative forces are both hidden and powerful in their influence on the individual “thinker.”  Some are based on universal archetypes while other forces appear to be entirely geared towards the individual in question.  Here are some of the more common sources of your thoughts:

  • Parents & Family – It goes without saying that your parents and family are probably the single-most powerful influence in your life.  Their beliefs, behaviors, and genetic tendencies can and do, therefore, comprise the vast majority of your thoughts and beliefs throughout life.
  • Ancestors – Like family, ancestral tendencies can powerfully affect your likes, dislikes, and cultural affinities and beliefs.  The new science of Epigenetics is discovering links to ancestral behaviors, and how these beliefs and behaviors are passed on to their descendants.
  • Culture and Media – A hundred years ago this was a minor factor. As we grow technologically more connected, however, the influence of media is not-so-slowly taking the place of kith and kin in our lives.
  • Other People’s Stuff – This affects mostly sensitive people. OPS can come in forms that are either overt as, say, a stated suggestion or command; or covert, as a hypnotic suggestion, command, or “linked decision” or “trojan horse” that ties what the person knows to be true with something else that another person or source wants him or her to believe or accept as truth.
  • Spirits – yes, the earth is populated with real unseen forces that we commonly called “ghosts.”  Because physics has told us that energy is neither created nor destroyed, the unseen forces of those who have passed on continues to be a fascinating subject for both entertainment and research. In Logical Soul® sessions, I rely on the Huna model and make distinctions between different types of spirits, e.g., earthbound, body, conscious mind (memes) and lower self (subconscious) forces.   There are also lesser-known phenomena that may affect our thoughts like curses, ley lines, vortices, and energy portals.

This subject is both broad and in-depth, so I broke it down into two artciles.  In this first article I talk about the subject of thoughts as hidden forces.  In the next blog post I will reveal methods and procedures I use to both find and correct unwanted thoughts and their results.

Don’t miss it!… and give me your comments and feedback below!