Not Your Daddy’s Family Conference…

I remember some afternoons in the 50’s and 60’s when my father would come home from work and call my sister and me together for what he called a “family conference.”  This, we soon learned was code for a threat-laced scolding.

“Your mother tells me ya’ll were bad all day, and I’m going to spank you both if I hear one more peep out of either one of you today!”

Dad then fingered his belt buckle, like Wild Bill Hickock might drum the handles of his silver revolvers while staring down a drunk on the streets of Deadwood.

Believe me . . . we got the message!

family tree epigeneticsThe “conference” that my Dad was often euphemistically referring to was rather  ominous.  The family conference I referred to in my previous blog post (Family Tree Coaching, part 1)- the kind I’ll be talking about in this article – is nothing like that. It is, in fact, based ion the emerging science of epigenetics, and can produce surprisingly positive results.

Family Tree Coaching Made Simple

The Logical Soul® version of the family conference is very simple, and can be used anytime there is a persistent problem or unresolved issue. You can do it alone or with a partner, and it only takes a few minutes to see amazing results.

Use this process after determining – through muscle testing or some other subconscious feedback – that your parents and/or ancestors are involved in some kind of hidden decision, belief, or subconscious meme that is running your life in a way you find consciously unacceptable.

Let’s say your coaching client has trouble with relationships, and you discover by testing that the statement “I can attract a loving relationship” is WEAK (meaning false).  You then test all the other possible causes, i.e., physical Inner Child, emotional, etc, and find that there is no known cause.

You then test the statement “I can attract a loving relationship if my ancestors approve.”  If the result is a STRONG muscle test, you can assume that the client’s ancestors play a strong role in this hidden decision!

The Logical Soul® Family Conference is simply a matter of sitting alone (or with a facilitator) with your eyes closed and visualize bringing your parents and ancestors together for a real meeting.  I have my clients see themselves seated at the head of a large meeting or conference room while the ancestors file in quietly and take a seat.

Below is a sample dialogue that can be read aloud to the client…

[addressing the crowd]

“Thank you all for being here.  I really also want to thank you for being my ancestors…without you and your struggles in life I would not be here…

“The reason why I called you all here is to ask you for something I need in order to get through a real barrier I have… You see, I feel that in order to stay connected to you, I have to feel and experience everything you felt. This brings me to an important request: 

“Would you kindly give me your permission and blessing to let go of [a persistent problem]?  I’m not asking that you change or let it go, but I’m just asking for your permission and blessings that I be able to do so.

“That would be a tremendous blessing for me and all those I come in contact with…”

At this point, you have the coaching client watch to see (or feel) the reactions of the crowd.  Whether they react positively or negatively, however, should not be of a concern.  The main thing is to get their blessings for YOU (or your client) to change the current decision to hold on to that particular problem!

That’s It!

That’s really the essence of the Logical Soul® Family Conference!  Once done, you can have the client come back into his or her body, then have them slowly open their eyes.

If done properly, post-muscle testing will show that the problem that continued to haunt them will be resolved . . . based on th4e fact that the statement they made previously that made them weak will now be strong!

The client should also feel better, notice an ability to smile easier, and may notice feeling less stress or anxiety overall.

Family Tree Coaching is all about re-connecting your client (or yourself) with those who affect your lives most profoundly!  Try this simple method and let me know how it works for you.