So Now You’re a Life Coach… 

coaching nicheCongratulations – you’re on the path to making a difference in many people’s lives! 

But how many??

While you may be the greatest coach in the world, you will only attract those people who genuinely understand

  • WHO you are,
  • WHAT it is you do, and
  • HOW you can solve their particular problem.

Are you prepared for answering these questions in-depth?  If you’re like most coaches I know, you’re not.  You simply don’t know or understand your “Coaching Niche.”

Your “Niche” is simply your specialty, and the more closely aligned your niche is to the needs of your prospect, the more he or she will be interested in what you have to offer.  All you have to do is answer the above three questions to their satisfaction.

Most life coaches I know, however, can’t do this.  They answer the above questions in a way that leaves their prospective clients puzzled . . . and puzzled people will always say no to any offer to coach them.

How to Overcome Objections

So how do you overcome this puzzlement?  By getting specific when you communicate with your prospective clients, as it pertains to those three questions!  Unless you are able to answer their concerns completely, they simply won’t hired you!

“But,” you may counter, “I DO tell people who I am, what I do, and how I can help them . . . but they still don’t sign up!”

Got it.  But here’s the truth:  you didn’t REALLY answer those questions to your prospect’s satisfaction.  If you did, they would already be a client!

You see, most prospects are either afraid or embarrassed to share their real problem with you.  Their also afraid of getting ripped off.  It is therefore YOUR job to overcome these 3 objectives and gain their trust.  But how?

Define yourself and your Niche!

Who You Are

Do you know WHO you are?

I’m not speaking metaphorically, as in “I’m a child of God” or something similar.  I’m talking about defining yourself in relation to your client!

Are you the “who” your prospect even wants to talk to?  If they see you as qualified to help them with their problem, you are.  So TELL them your qualifications, i.e. certified life coach, or holder of various degrees in their area of concern.

Following our exercise example, you might say something like:

“I’m a certified life coach specializing in weight loss for tough cases.  I have a masters degree in nutrition and a B.S. in cell physiology, so I work with those who have already tried everything, but are still serious about taking the pounds off and changing their lives.” 


Assuming your listener is impressed, they will want to know more.  Then would be the time to tell them . . .

What You Do

“I am a life coach who specializes in helping – mostly women, ages 45-65 – to lose 30 to 50 pounds of weight in 4 weeks without starving themselves.”

If the person you are talking to is just such a woman, then you have her attention!  If not, however, he or she may know someone who could benefit from your services.  Either way, you win!

If you only said “I’m a life coach who helps people lose weight,” you stand a good chance of losing them.  “Life Coach” is not a clearly defined term, and there are plenty of programs out there that “help people lose weight.”  Too vague; their gone.

How You Solve Their Problem

Assuming you are that weight-loss coach, you then add…

Goal Setting

“I help my women lose weight by introducing them to certain common foods especially tailored to their physiology and needs.  These foods – along with an easy customized exercise program –  help them shed pounds quickly . . . and keep it off permanently.” 

And that’s all you have to say!

Once you are SPECIFIC enough about who you are, what and how you do what you do, those who need your help will line up around the corner to sign up for your program!

But I’m not a Weight-loss Coach!

Got it. But understand this…

The same idea of “niching down” your expertise applies – whether you coach weight-loss clients, a spiritual life coach, or a corporate business coach.

Once you can answer those magical 3 Questions, you are on the road to helping more people than you can count… AND making a LOT more money to boot!

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