davidcummings The 5 Must Have Coaching Website Pages

David Cummings, Contributing Editor

Certain Coaching Website Pages are Crucial

In business you need clarity.  At the same time, you need to give your customers and prospects what they are looking for . . . fast!
This is also true for your coaching business.  In this age of the short attention span, your visitors are easily distracted.  If they can’t find what they are looking – fast and easy – they are more likely to leave your site and go to your competitor.
Direct your visitors and clients where you want them to go.  Fast.  If you are a life or business coach, this might mean sending them to an article, post, advertisement or other coaching website pages that allows them to get answers to their life or business problems.
Your website can either make or break your professional image, so make sure it looks professional!  All too often people set up websites that look nice, but forget the essentials, i.e., several pages you must have in order to meet basic online business practices.

It is therefore imperative to have a well constructed website with a minimum of these five pages:

About Page

This page tells people who you are and what you do – a crucial piece for coaches.  It should tell a brief story of your pertinent background, and announce your relevant philosophy.
This page informs visitors all about you and your business, your ideals, how to contact you, and other pertinent details.  Make it warm, easy to read and unique.  Ideally, you should post of nice picture of you that helps make a better connection with your audience. Your visitors should feel comfortable doing business with you (and your company).

Products Page

This is the page that showcases your products and services. It is important that the page is setup in a systematic manner, so people can find your products or services easily and don’t get distracted.
Too many products on one page can have a cluttering effect. If you have more than 4 products, consider setting them up in some sort of logical order, like category,  price, or alphabetically. It is best accompanied with pictures, (even if it’s a software product where you can showcase a representation of the product).

News Feed or Blog Page

This is where all the latest news and information can be posted, like latest events and any product specials you may have. In the coaching business, you would share some good news snippets or testimonials of your latest customers’ success stories. It can be full of pictures and videos if you wish – something to get attention and generate interest in your coaching and events.

Disclaimer / Terms of Service Page

It is imperative that you cover yourself legally.  Always include a Disclaimer and/or Terms of Service page. Without this, you could be exposing yourself to potential legal problems down the road.  There are a number of sample templates that can be used, but above all, read and check that the documents you want to use actually suit your specific needs.

Privacy Policy Page

Whenever you collect data or details like names and emails of your customers, you need to explain what you are doing with them. Basically, you are stating that you will be in control of the data and will not use the data in any inappropriate manner. Once again  there are a number of sample templates that can be used, and you should check that the document or wording suits your needs.

Learn More

While, obviously, you could add other pages as you feel the need, or as your services expand the pages mentioned here are the basics. When set up correctly, these website pages work together to help boost your coaching business and professional image.
In another article, I will explain how your coaching business can showcase free sessions or training to pick up new customers.  To find out more, and see how all of these are are created in an easy step by step fashion, check out my free webinar by clicking the button below:
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