The Headaches Started Back in the mid-80’s I had someone close to me die from suicide.  That’s when the headaches started…. At first they seemed to be sinus related.  Since I sobbed so much after my loss,  clogging my sinuses became an everyday event for weeks, as did the persistent headaches.  The headaches persisted, though, even after the sinuses cleared up, and later got more and more frequent and more severe. I was crushed, and felt helpless to stop them. Since then I’d been taking pills and trying all sorts of weird-tasting herbal remedies, but my migraines still... (Read More ...)

The Self Promotion Game We’ve all done this… We set up a fancy website.  We run an ad.  We make and post videos and Like campaigns on our Facebook page.  We go out and give a few lectures and presentations.  We network.  Then we sit back and wait for the hordes of prospective customers and clients to show up to sign up, visit our website,  or call us. Then?  Maybe a few show up or express an interest.  But usually they are “tire kickers” or people who just like to talk.  At first you are excited they may buy, but then get disappointed when they don’t. Suppose... (Read More ...)