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The Six Figure Coach
How to Go From Nuthin’ to Success in the Transformation Business!
by Michael Craig
The Six Figure Coach is for those rare individuals who are – or want to be – “transformation artists.” If you want to change the world by effectively transforming yourself and your coaching, this book is for you. According to Dr. Michael Craig, developing the inner skills to sell yourself and earning six figures actually IS the best way to change both the world AND yourself!click-here-button

The Logical Soul®
Eliminate Self-Sabotage in 30 Minutes or Less for Success, Wealth, Love & Happiness
by Michael Craig
This is Dr. Craig’s classic work… the result of an epic 30-year journey to discover the source of miracles, healing and self-discovery from around the world.

The Money Matrix Method™
How to Quickly and Easily Condition Your Mind for Massive Success!
by Michael Craig
In this powerful book, Dr. Craig lays out his discovery of “The Money Matrix”™ and why each person contains a unique matrix that can either attract money… or consistently push it away. He also shows you – step-by-step – how to find the hidden decisions that make up your own matrix, and transform your inner conditioning fast!click-here-button

The Mighty Mentor Series
Get the BEST of Logical Soul Talk!
by Michael Craig
Mighty Mentor Series
Now you can grab audio interviews and transcripts from more than four years of Michael Craig’s greatest radio shows! Each interview or show is jam-packed with practical advice on improving relationships, finding better health, strengthening your mind and consciousness, and finding success in your own online or “brick and mortar”

The Remedies of Pachili
A Novel by Michael Craig
The Remedies of Pachili contains all the elements of a good story that draw you in from the first page. This attraction, however, is merely a pretext to capture and transform the reader by the mere reading of it. Love, anger, fear, disease, life, death, appearance, and transformation – all take on gut-wrenching qualities throughout this book that speak to the Soul and guide the