We’re so spoiled. Survival thoughts rule.  Everyone seems to have an end-of-the-world scenario in place for when THEIR favorite candidate loses.  Texas patriots threaten to secede if Hillary wins, and many Hollywood types are heading to Canada if she doesn’t. So much for getting along. The way to both SURVIVE and PROSPER during and after an election is to realize that the one coming up is just a small moment in the life of our country.  And the USA is not even 250 years old yet! The key to happiness these days is to put everything into prospective. While “The Donald”... (Read More ...)

St. Paddy’s Day Almost everyone in America is familiar with celebrating St. Patrick on March 17th.  This is the time set aside to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland who supposedly drove out all the snakes (or the Devil, whichever you choose to believe).  This is the day when both the Irish and non-Irish clink together their glasses of green beer and shout “Erin Go Braugh” as an excuse to skip work and act like an idiot for 24 hours. Although I’m from  Savannah, Georgia – home of the 2nd largest St. Patrick’s day parade in the USA – and only a smidgen... (Read More ...)

New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour The Night New Year’s Eve happens December 31st of every year. It is celebrated by people in countries that use of the Gregorian calendar, like the United States, Australia, British Isles, North & South America, Europe, Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union.  It is a time they use to welcome in a new year, and make New Years Resolutions to change their lives for the better. At the stroke of midnight on December 31, the current year ends and the transition to the New Year is heralded. Celebrations are usually either wild parties or solemn times of prayer... (Read More ...)

I’ve got a real family “Christmas Crisis” here . . . and need your help on this one, so leave your comments below . . . You see, I was born in Georgia, USA while my wife Soma was born in Germany.  Come Christmastime we always have a debate going, since those German Folk celebrate differently than we do.  Hence the problem. Growing up in America, I was taught to believe that Christmas was the day Jesus was born, i.e., the same day we celebrate his birthday.  We waited all night for Santa Claus to come, then tear into the living room on Christmas morning to find our toys and... (Read More ...)

The festivities that come with Christmas,  Chanukah, and New Year’s Eve can be dangerous to your health – and the health of your coaching clients.   Consequently this may be the best time to share some tips on how to have a healthy holidays if they are prone to overdoing it. I know, I know.  Unless health and nutrition is your field of coaching, you probably won’t be giving out much advice here.  But for your own sake, I’m sharing these tips with you anyway since a) that’s part of what I do as a Chiropractor and b) knowing these tips will help your coaching! ... (Read More ...)

My wife Brigitte is from Germany, so her family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (they have Oktoberfest in September-October . . . this is when Europeans, Americans and Japanese all get together in Munich to eat, sing out of tune, and drink themselves stupid).   But she has since been here over 20 years, embraced our native custom with great enthusiasm, and loves to prepare for it.  Because this is such a focal point these days for all Americans, I’ve put together a few thoughts about this yearly holiday feast: The holiday we celebrate on the last Thursday in November is a way to commemorate... (Read More ...)

Cold Days on a Unicycle… As you may remember from last week’s blog post, I was starting out on a 200-mile journey on a UNICYCLE ride from Smyrna, Georgia to Anniston, Alabama and back this past Thursday, November 13th.  I’m riding for charity…. but I gotta tell you… it’s been COLD out here these past few days!!  According to all weather reports I’ve heard, this is the coldest stretch in over 40 years . . . just my luck to plan a ride in such weather, huh! But the ride for charity must go on . . . Thank goodness the heat of pedaling has kept me from becoming... (Read More ...)

It’s Official. As the self-proclaimed “Uni-Dude” – I have lost my mind. I’m finally biting the bullet and riding 200 miles for charity – on a unicycle – starting Thursday, November 13th  . . . at age 62!  This will be the longest single ride I’ve ever attempted.   A Unicycle Story In 2009 I couldn’t make it more than one mile without wheezing and trying to catch my breath.  I had recently failed a stress test, so I knew I needed to work out, but I hated going to the gym. It was then I realized I used to love to ride a unicycle as a kid... (Read More ...)

Don’t let him fool you… Even though Dr. Neil Shulman’s birth certificate may SAY he’s in his late sixties, he’s really only eight years old! He will never grow up.  Really.  Honest.  Cross my heart… AND he can show you how to publish a book in no time flat! Oh, did I forgot to introduce him?  Sorry . . . Neil is the author of the best-selling novel  What…Dead Again?  which became the popular  1991 movie Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J. Fox.   Besides holding down his job as a medical professor at Emory university here in the Atlanta area, he... (Read More ...)

. . . But it sure was a lot of fun!  (its good to have fun while coaching, yes?) You see, I’m on vacation for a week at my log cabin in Coker Creek, Tennessee, and got to thinking about the day last December when Jason Oman and I checked in on a neighbor in town who invited us to take the Grand Tour in his 1924 Model “T” Ford (called a “Flivver” in the mid-twentieth-century vernacular).  Butch is a real vintage auto buff who transformed a broken-down flivver shell he picked up into the fantasy road buggy he drives today! Check out the cool stuff on this baby in the... (Read More ...)