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OK, so you finally created your Free Report PDF.  Now you want to get it into the hands of your prospects, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive shopping carts or other delivery systems. What to do? Here’s a down-and-dirty simple way to create a secure online file (actually its only semi-secure) where you can upload and save your downloadable PDF and share the URL from your Thank You Page . . .  (Read More ...)

Life coaches and business coaches need tools to reach both existing clients and new prospects, and VIDEO is one of the premier ways to do this.  Through video you and your message can be delivered in such a way that shortens the distance between you and your prospect, while giving them real value and the ability to see you in action. The main problem for many coaches (they tell me) is that they HATE being on video . . . or come across as stiff, dull boring, or all three!  The alternative – using PowerPoint for videos – is often just as dull.  So what to do? Sparkol VideoScribe is... (Read More ...)

Is your marketing effective?  If not, are you aware that great Copywriting can spell the difference between success and failure in business? “OK, so what’s with the ELEPHANT? And what’s all this got to do with my coaching??”  Glad you asked . . .  (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

OK, the results are in . . . Those of you on my coach training list know that about a week ago, I requested that you answer a quick 4-question Survey so I could find out what matters most to you. The answers came quickly, are still coming in, and turned out to be very surprising indeed! You can get the full video of those results (along with a little-known list-building strategy) at http://mycoachtraining.com/survey-results, but basically, most of you seem to like the idea of LIST BUILDING, MARKETING, and BRANDING. This is a good thing, mainly because (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

In the past several years, the phrase “follow your passion” has become the new mantra for those wanting to “have it all” . . . whatever that means. I’ve heard this phrase uttered, mostly by those (like me, I must admit) who have in the past had difficulty holding or keeping a job, or difficulty earning money from their own business or enterprise. Finding your passion is what you do if you don’t really have any other job to do. That may sound a bit harsh, but as I said, I’ve been among those shouting this phrase the loudest over a period of several years. So... (Read More ...)

Converting leads into paying clients is usually difficult for several reason:  lack of a defined solution for the client’s problem, and lack of authority.  Using Dr. Craig’s 3-Step selling method shown here, you can learn to “coach your way to success!” This is the last of the series of six videos illustrating the steps in Dr. Craig’s Free Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months!”  (Read More ...)

Anybody can drive traffic. all it takes is a Google Adwords account and a lot of money. But how do you, as a coach, drive targeted traffic, i.e., those who are actively looking for the type of coaching you provide? Dr. Michael Craig provides the answer to that question in this short 10-minute video: By the way, if you like this video and this series, we would really appreciate it if you leave your comments and feedback below. Thanks!  (Read More ...)

In Step 4 of my eBook “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months” I cover the all-important topic of lead capture. Quite simply, you need a place to drive traffic. Without it, you have no list and, consequently, no customers! So take 8 minutes right now to do it the right way. I give you tools and resources throughout the video you can check out right now to start building a complete lead capture system around the very excellent free report you did in Step 3!  (Read More ...)

Today I want to ask you a question:  Would you rather get FREE Consulting?  Or would you pay someone a fair price to show you the ropes? I know a lot of coaches who pull back their efforts to sell their coaching services because they think folks can get this information so easily elsewhere.  They think they are competing with all the free advice out their on the Internet and social media.  They think they have to beg their prospects to be clients, and discount their prices to entice them into a coaching program! Think again. I received an email recently from Neil Stafford, an internet marketing... (Read More ...)

If you create a Free Offer properly, you will present what is called an “ethical bribe.” This means that you are trading your valuable information for your prospects name and email address – a win-win. In the following video, I go over how to set up your offer in the form of a downloadable PDF, what to say, how to say it, and why it needs to be said a certain way. This video is 9 minutes of solid content, so be sure to take some notes!  (Read More ...)

STEP TWO on how to double your coaching income involves something called “niching” or branding. In the last video lesson (Step 1), I covered the importance of knowing yourself. In this video, I go over ways you can tell people about your coaching, and why the WAY you approach them makes all the difference in the world! By using some very simple (and free) tools, you can quickly start finding your niche AND the keywords that your ideal client may be using to find you. If you can position yourself to be where he (or she) is looking, you can easily become the “go to”... (Read More ...)

I just finished my new 37-Page Special Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income… in 2 Months” and am offering it FREE to anyone who cares to download it now! I covered in my last blog post that there are only 3 ways to make money – from coaching or anything else: attract new coaching clients, sell more stuff to clients, and sell more often. In my report I also cover the first step for all of these methods – Know yourself. Without knowing your niche, how much money you need, how much time you can devote to coaching, etc., etc., you won’t know... (Read More ...)

Are you making money from your coaching practice? If not, you are merely “practicing to make money,” or coaching for fun as a hobby. If you really want to learn how to make money from coaching, you have to overcome the common coaches have – that is the fear of selling. “Selling” has gotten a bad rap over the past 100 years, primarily because it has mostly been taught as a “Push” method, or something people are not asking for, don’t want, or feel pressured in obvious or subtle ways. I am all for “Pull” methods – ways to fulfill your... (Read More ...)

Is Life Coaching a scam? Apparently some people think so. You know what? I actually don’t blame them for saying this. To the writer of the blog post on Reddit.com (“viowastaken”) and others who share his views, “Scam” is too nice a word for anything that steals their dreams and slams their best efforts to get ahead. There are, in fact, lots of folks out there – with best intentions or not – who do just that, i.e., steal people’s dreams. I have discovered 3 such categories of “Scam Artists” and will describe them for you here: The FIRST... (Read More ...)

Do you know the 3 Critical Elements to selling yourself as a life coach?  (Selling your life coaching is part of the Coaching Kahuna program.) Dr. Craig reveals here his strategy on how to sell yourself as a coach, what to say and how to say it…  (Read More ...)

One of the best things about the Internet is all of the free interaction that’s available. There are thriving social media sites, forums, videos, blogs, and more. But are you using them to your advantage? If you have a life coach business, you know that communication can unlock a lot of doors. The Internet is a great way to put your skills to use and begin marketing yourself for free! Here are some of the ways to capitalize on all this free stuff… starting today! Eight Free Internet Marketing Ideas Use Press Releases. Whenever you have a notable event coming up in your life coach... (Read More ...)

Pinterest has been all the buzz in social networking. It’s become the new way to drive traffic, interact with customers, and make sales. A study by BizRate found that “Pinterest is better at inspiring purchases than Facebook”. So if you’re not on Pinterest already, now is the time to join and promote your life coach business. Pinterest comes with plenty of free tools to get your started. It’s also undergoing some major changes in its design. The following tips will help you get started on the right foot or optimize your current account:   Pinterest has business... (Read More ...)

After attending Module 3 of the Logical Soul® Life Coach Certification this weekend, I was exhausted. We had a fantastic time reviewing the Logical Soul® process for newcomers as well as giving and receiving sessions as a group. Many of us had major breakthroughs, whether we resolved an age old issue, learned more about the Logical Soul® process, or took another strong step in the right direction. It was a lot of fun but also intense! So, my plan was to rest today. Take it easy. Catch up on e-mail and other small things. Instead, I found myself pacing from room to room, irritated beyond measure.... (Read More ...)

Get more clients with a sales funnel. The sales funnel is a step by step sales process, i.e. your plan to sell a product or service. If you intend to market your services as a life coach, then understanding and using a sales funnel is a great place to start. The first step is to catch the attention of your target market – your ideal client or “Avatar.” Know who this person is: his or her likes, dislikes, age, habits, and especially needs. You must know what your Avatar NEEDS in order to provide a product or service that fulfills that need. But how to do this when they don’t... (Read More ...)

Do you do business coaching? Are you just as concerned with the happiness and well-being of your client as you are with his or her wealth? If so, read on… As a life or business coach, you’ve no doubt run across clients whose attitudes are sabotaging either their abundance or their happiness… or both. I get people telling me all the time “I want to do what I love, but I really need the money first!” Their real dilemma is this: Is it really possible to earn a lot of money AND be happy… at the same time? The short answer? Yes. Recently, a client sent me an email... (Read More ...)

A Code to Six Figures..? Have you ever felt like you would never escape the Rat Race? Does it sometimes get to you that – while doing such a great job coaching, you still struggle to succeed?? Introducing The Six Figure Code, a revolutionary program for transforming your life, your business, and your money! Dr. Michael Craig, author of the Money Matrix Method, and best-selling author Jason Oman have teamed up to create a course that reveals what they call “the missing link” to earning six figures a year. Most importantly: you don’t have to be born with money-making abilities... (Read More ...)

It has happened to me, and I KNOW its happened to you as well. . . I had a client – a business coach – come to see me who felt a bit overwhelmed with starting her own business. She said she was a perfectionist, didn’t know where to start, worked all day on emails and busy work and, at the end of the day, had nothing to show for it. Sound familiar? If this describes you, I’ve put together a few tips that might help you get off the wheel and start producing things of real value, real soon: First of all, its important to realize that YOU are not necessarily the problem. For... (Read More ...)

So you made the decision to be a Life Coach. Congratulations! You will be in a position to transform people’s lives . . . but you will also be joining the ranks of those who earn – on average – about the same income as that of a fast food cook. But does it have to be this way? NO!! Just because your skill is not considered “entrepreneurial,” this does NOT mean you have to settle with scraping by. It does mean, however, that you have to WANT to be financially successful as a coach . . . and start taking steps to make this happen! J.F. (Jim) Straw Octogenarian... (Read More ...)

Become the coach you KNOW you can be! When you think about your success as a life coach, or any other kind of coach, how do you measure it? Client feedback? The number of paying clients? Or the bottom line in your bank account? While these are all valid indicators of success – including the milestone of earning six figures or more from your coaching and other businesses – numbers alone are NOT the measure of real success. For that, you have to look within and decide on your definition, i.e., what truly makes your heart sing! The first key to becoming a six figure coach is to coach... (Read More ...)

Be a great coach AND make money! When you choose to become a coach, you probably aren’t just thinking about the money. The drive to be a coach is linked to the desire to transform people’s lives in a positive way. Knowing that you have helped someone change their life is a fantastic feeling, and it’s what keeps most coaches going day after day. Naturally, with all of these good intentions, it’s easy to assume that money will be there to keep you going on your noble quest. After all, isn’t that what we’re taught? Work hard, be a good person, and you’ll be... (Read More ...)