Let’s face it – many coaches don’t earn a heck of a lot of money with coaching . . . but its often not for lack of trying. If you lack earning potential as a coach, its often because you don’t have what I call “The 3-Legged Stool of Success.”  Without all three “legs,” i.e., motivation, knowledge, and consistent action based on that knowledge, you will not make it financially as a coach. But there are ways to make extra money this summer by doing a few things to get you through the lean times – and these things are fast and easy to do. Tap... (Read More ...)

In my previous article, I talked about how either having high energy or shocking experiences can sometimes take you out of the body . . . at least that’s what happened to me since my nervous system at that time (work in progress) was not strong enough. In this article I want to discuss what I call “Spiritual First Aid” – or ways to come back in, get grounded, and thus be more effective in life. The Three Selves In the mid-1980’s I met my future (and current) husband, Dr. Michael Craig.  He introduced me to all kinds of new ideas.  One of my most favorite ideas had... (Read More ...)

OK . . . you started meditating because you heard that’s the way to get happier, right? More alive, more in tune with the Divine . . . to know who you truly are. But along with all those years of meditation, have you also sometimes felt lost or confused? Do you occasionally have a feeling that nothing you do makes a difference? Nothing really works? Do you find yourself spinning your wheels a lot? Maybe feeling a bit spaced out? I know I did. For many years, in fact. Today, however, I consider myself very happy. I came to this condition through a series of decisions (that I will go over later)... (Read More ...)

The Taj The Taj Mahal in Agra There is NO place like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India!  Yes, we’ve been to ancient cities, stayed at luxury hotels, meditated in high-energy ashrams, touched large Buddhas and even whole kingdoms carved out of stone.  But “The Taj” is a Wonder of the World for a special reason . . . it speaks to all of us in such a way that it makes your heart melt! Once there, I didn’t want to leave. The magnificence of the materials, and the way the whole thing soars majestically into the sky and into our minds, left me rather speechless.  I found a tiny... (Read More ...)

Sir Anton… Wow – what a week!  So much to tell you , but writing blogs here is challenging…. I’ll cover the highlights. Ifthi picked us up in Negombo and took us to Galle, with a side trip to Colombo and a nostalgic visit to the home and clinic of my former teacher and mentor, Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuyia, who passed away in 2005.  Anton’s clinic, formerly called Medicina Alternativa when I was there in 1987, has been renamed Sir Anton Jayasuriya International Center of Acupuncture in his honor.  It is currently thriving, and still attracts doctors and acupuncture students... (Read More ...)

Some Happy HCC Orphans This past week has been a whirlwind of activity, starting with the short but beautiful flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal in the Himalayas to stay at Swami Vedant’s Osho ashram. To Kathmandu After three more days of R&R, we returned to Kathmandu where we met up with Bruce Keenan, a friend and founder of Himalayan Children’s Charities, a non-profit foundation that has an orphanage in that city. The kids were great. While none of the small children were there  (they are sent to boarding school during the school year because of space limitations at the... (Read More ...)

Soma and I hopped a Buddha Air flight in Kathmandu.  Destination: the Osho Ashram in Pokhara, also run by Swami Arun.  This place is a little more isolated and sparsely populated, but beautiful.  I see why Pokhara is such a popular destination for climbers and Trekkers. Unfortunately, the cloud cover kept us from getting some good shots of the Himalayan peaks that showed themselves rarely while we were there. Osho Ashram, Pokhara Nepal   Multi-species Rest Rooms View from kitchen Osho in PoKhara    (Read More ...)

The brief layover in London last Tuesday went exceedingly well, and afforded Brigitte (Soma) and I the opportunity to take in a bit of this International city.  By evening, we arrived at London-Heathrow Airport and settled in for another night flight to New Delhi, where we would connect to yet another flight, this time to Nepal. Arriving in Delhi in the morning (Sept. 16) was like landing on Mars, except there were a LOT more people, odors and chaos.  We had to quickly get our transit Visas and fly to Kathmandu , arriving  two hours later. The weather was like it was when we left Atlanta –... (Read More ...)

Our Delta flight leaves for London on Monday night at 8:40 pm from Atlanta.  Brigitte and I plan to travel light, so we’ll be catching a ride from our house-sitter to the local MARTA train station around 5 pm. This will take us directly to the airport in plenty of time to go through security. This first layover is 12 hours before our flight to Delhi, so we plan to take in some of the sights . . . including riding the hop-on-hop-off bus tours and, of course, High Tea! Come with us over the next 5 weeks as we take in the sights and sounds of the UK, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka… and... (Read More ...)

Ever have a vacation dream… and then it finally comes true?  We did.  In fact, its happening this month.  We are finally going to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka!! The Story Back in 1987, both my wife Soma and I – who were not married to each other at the time – were both in Asia at roughly the same time.  She had gone to India to be with her guru Osho, and I had traveled with my then-wife Carol and a small group to Sri Lanka to study acupuncture and work in a local hospital. That time was magical for both of us, and we vowed to return. Since that time, we have made regular plans... (Read More ...)

I Just Finished My Seventh Higher Brain Living® (HBL) session, and I want to share the results.  (NOTE:  This is the technique I discussed in a previous Blog post, and one in which my wife Soma recently became certified.) Disclaimer:  This article is based on my personal observations as a client of HBL, its people, and the way it is presented and sold.  The number of HBL Facilitators have gown to almost 300 recently, and the number of clients continues to rise worldwide.  I just want to present here some insights from one who has no axe to grind, and also no relationship to the organization... (Read More ...)

How Logical Soul® Got Its Start… Maharishi Mahesh Yogi I am constantly pointing out that the Logical Soul® technique harnesses the “nature of the mind to go to greater fields of happiness” by demonstrating how this works using the feedback of statements and muscle testing. But I must give credit where credit is due; I wasn’t the first to say this.  I was taught the profound meaning of this statement under the tutelage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008) many years ago when I became a teacher of his technique – Transcendental Meditation® or TM® – back in... (Read More ...)

“He Was A Gentle Soul” John Calerdine was a successful businessman, intelligent, friendly, and motivated by a genuine desire to grow personally and spiritually. . . all indeed qualities of a gentle soul.  I met him through my wife Brigitte, with whom he did business.  He was a client who was also working his way into our lives as a friend and supporter of the Logical Soul® program. . Then he died, suddenly last year.  He will be missed.  (Read More ...)

Daddy Earl, circa 1943 “There is no secret to success” announced my most important mentor many years ago.  “It’s all about hard work and being responsible!”  That mentor was Earl, my father, and I didn’t want to believe him.  I kept checking out books on”how to get rich” and felt his ways were old fashioned and too slow.  He was, after all, only a middle class ex-navy man and architect whose life I knew so little about.  So as a kid I never thought to ask him about success.  I didn’t want to be like him, really, because he was usually... (Read More ...)

Earthquake Relief Recently I got a mailing from Bruce and Susan Keenan, founders of the Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC) – the foundation for whom I’d been riding a unicycle for years until my sudden accident.  They reported good news about the city of Kathmandu and surrounding areas still recovering from the recent devastation: Here is the HCC Letter Reprinted: At the end of the first week after the earthquake, our HCC students are all doing well.   So far, HCC has raised over $11,000 toward the relief efforts in Nepal.  Thank you to all that have donated!!!   To date,... (Read More ...)

And Now…My Unicycle Falling Act! OUCH!! For a while, it looked like the end of my unicycling “career” . . . both bones in my forearm were shattered from a freak accident involving me, my unicycle, and a hidden dip in the asphalt on the Atlanta Beltline Trail. I had a broken arm. For over 4 years, since 2010, I had ridden over 4000 miles to help raise money for the Himalayan Children’s Charities, (a non-profit foundation helping to support Nepalese orphans . . . and now is involved with raising money for the massive earthquake relief effort there in Kathmandu) and had... (Read More ...)

I Took My Vision For Granted I’ve always been a bit nearsighted . . . enough anyway to require corrective lenses since I was 13.  I’m now 62. About a year ago I decided it was time to get more glasses since things  started blurring a bit more.  The optometrist, however, said I needed something more than glasses, but wasn’t quite sure what.  He referred me to an ophthalmologist. Since I hate having my eyes dilated, however, I put off making an appointment. Finally, when my eyesight got noticeably worse, I stopped procrastinating and made that eye doctor appointment with a big... (Read More ...)