The Headaches Started Back in the mid-80’s I had someone close to me die from suicide.  That’s when the headaches started…. At first they seemed to be sinus related.  Since I sobbed so much after my loss,  clogging my sinuses became an everyday event for weeks, as did the persistent headaches.  The headaches persisted, though, even after the sinuses cleared up, and later got more and more frequent and more severe. I was crushed, and felt helpless to stop them. Since then I’d been taking pills and trying all sorts of weird-tasting herbal remedies, but my migraines still... (Read More ...)

The subject of relationships has baffled learned scholars, scientists, poets and politicians for as long as mankind has lived on this planet.    Relationships are both necessary for the survival of the species, and can also be frustrating beyond comprehension. So what to do?  Is there a way to understand our spouses, friends co-workers and family members in such a way as to take the mystery and pain out of this universal phenomenon?? According to Robert W. Blazer, there is a powerful way to both understand human nature and find compatible partners for any endeavor we care to make a success. Mr.... (Read More ...)

Why Most Coaches (And Millions of Others) Are Ignorant About Money How many times have you told someone “I don’t know much about investment matters”?  How often have you felt uncomfortable speaking with your attorney, investment adviser or accountant about that elusive thing called “retirement”? If it’s more than once or twice, then you are I was until recently – a “Money Ignoramus“! Ignorance about money, however, does not make you stupid; far from it.  You have been kept from the truth by money “advisers,” many of whom derive... (Read More ...)

Crazy Stupid? My wife Brigitte and I have long planned to write a book together about couples, how they go through “crazy stupid stuff,” and how they can get beyond it.  We wanted to share our experience of multiple marriages, and twenty years in our current marriage (our anniversary is in March!) for those who need some tools to overcome difficult patches in their marriage or union. So finally we are doing it!  If you are a couple looking for practical answers, this book is for you.  If you are a life coach or relationship counselor, this book will become a valuable addition to... (Read More ...)

Interactive Life Coach™ Review I became aware of Allison Maslon and her work several months ago when I went looking for some effective tools for my coaching clients.  I found that her Interactive Life Coach software is both an inexpensive and powerful tool for those looking for a life coach without the hassle of hiring one, and wanted to offer a brief review. But first, a little background . . . About five years ago I was in the market for a program that would help me set – and keep – goals that I set for myself.  Most of the time, my mind was all over the place, and setting... (Read More ...)