Life Coach Certification

life coach certification

Dr. Ron Owens

Life Coach Certification

Certification is a quiet way of saying to every prospective client, “I am qualified to help guide you through the rough waters of life!” Psychologist Dr. Ron Owens is both a qualified coach and instructor, and will guide you step-by-step through a coaching process, how to set up your coaching business, and much more.

Sample topics covered:

– The Most Effective Types of Coaching
– How to Develop Powerful Listening Skills
– How to Determine Your Client’s Inner Motivation
– Three Essential Items You Must Have in Your Coaching Contract.
– How to Set Up a Profitable Coaching Practice
– And Much, Much More!


Graduate Comments

“This class was much more than I expected, especially for this low of a price.”       Allis M.

“I am really excited about becoming a Life Coach and using what we learned.”    Jason S.

“Dr. Owens is a great teacher and makes it easy to learn.”        Joyce B.

“I learned things that will help me with my family as well as with clients.” Margaret T.

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