So what the heck is a “Kahuna” And what does this have to do with coaching success?? A lot.  You see, the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas (“Ka” means “keeper” and “Huna” means “secret”) were known for performing miracles.  Their “secret” was the inner knowledge that miracles happen when you find a powerful force, put your intention in the direction of that force, and let that force carry you to unbelievable heights. They did this by harnessing the synergistic power of the THREE SELVES – the Unihipili, Uhane and Aumakua.  They... (Read More ...)

You probably did not become a Coach or Consultant to set up websites and do a bunch of other technical stuff.  You are, after all, a “People Person,” right?  Right. That’s why its so important to outsource “techie stuff” to those who love to hang out with HTML, PHP, SEO and other members of the techie alphabet world! The fact is, however, unless you are already independently wealthy and can afford to outsource it all, you need to do a few things yourself.  Even if you DO outsource later, knowing how to do simple things like setting up your own blog pages and posts... (Read More ...)

Divine Listening is a process used by Dr. Michael Craig as part of the Logical Soul(R) process.  (Read More ...)

Your success as a Life Coach depends on how well you know and use this 5,000 year-old secret from India.  This is the so-called missing link to most success in coaching (and part of the Coaching Kahuna program)…  (Read More ...)

Here is a unique perspective on an old topic by Dr. Craig. Being “Coachable” is important trait for you as a Life Coach, as well as for your clients! Introducing the term “divine listening”… part of the Coaching Kahuna program:  (Read More ...)

Benefits of NLP in coaching. After author and star of “The Secret,” Joe Vitale, had learned the power of the new Ho’oponopono as taught by Dr. Hew Len, he wrote in his book Zero Limits that he felt all his previous books (on subjects like hypnosis and NLP) were now irrelevant or less effective. Dr. Len then reassured him this was not so; that each of those books are stepping stones for people at different stages of their understanding. This is something that I think is important to understand as a coaching client and as part of life coaching. We all have the desire to get to... (Read More ...)

Is She Lying to Protect Hidden Fears? As a practicing life coach, you no doubt have many tools available to help people understand and reach their objectives. But do you really know how to get to these objectives? As silly as it may sound, your client may not know what he or she wants! So how do you go about getting to the REAL cause of that person’s happiness? How do you read between the lines? How do you, in fact, determine when someone is actually lying in order to look good, save face, cover a feeling of impotence, or simply because they don’t trust you enough to really confide... (Read More ...)

Don’t let failure get you down. Perhaps you’re thinking about getting life coach training, but you’re plagued with doubts.  Some of them might sound like this: “Is this what I really want?” “Do I have what it takes to be a life coach?” “Am I old enough?  Do I have enough knowledge/wisdom/degrees?” … and so forth.  Does the idea of failure or criticism stop you from fulfilling your dream of becoming a transformational life coach? Does the thought of making a mistake, not having a degree, or not being the best hold you back?  Have... (Read More ...)

Life coach training doesn’t just teach you how to help your clients; it also teaches you how to help yourself. There are many wonderful techniques and strategies that can help you be a better life coach. Right now I want to share with you an often overlooked aspect of life coach training: taking full responsibility. Most of us believe that anything outside of us is not our problem. As a child, I strongly believed this to be true. When people were unkind to me or caused me grief, I saw it as their problem. My motto was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing external to me has any... (Read More ...)

Mark your calendar!  On Saturday, April 28th, 2012 in Atlanta, Dr. Michael Craig (yours truly) will be giving a presentation at the ULTIMATE EXTREME LIFE MAKEOVER EVENT in Atlanta. I have just finished my book (The Six Figure Coach: How to Go From Nuthin’ to Success in the Transformation Business!) and will copies available, along with a very special surprise for those who want to jump on the fast track with their coaching program! This Event is being sponsored by NU DAE Enterprises LLC., a provider of professional seminars, workshops, and personal development training. With over a hundred... (Read More ...)

If you have been coaching or counseling for any length of time, you already know that Self-Sabotage runs deeper than most of your clients realize. Most will try to cover up the sabotage, i.e., try to “look good” in spite of the fact that his or her life may be falling apart! Most people who suffer from self-sabotage may not even be aware they are doing it. In these cases, your coaching can provide a great service by merely pointing out the offending behavior and letting them self-correct. Getting clients beyond their self-stopping usually involves the following 4 Steps: Helping the... (Read More ...)

Muscle Testing In previous posts I spoke about “detoxing” the mind, and how and why this is important.  Before you can do that with yourself or your client, however, you must be able to determine the LEVEL and DEGREE of underlying toxicity. The key to this lies in being able to communicate with the keeper of all hidden information –   the Subconscious mind – through a technique popularly known muscle testing. Did you know you can “read” your subconscious almost as easily as you can read the morning paper?  Let me explain… Your so-called “subconscious... (Read More ...)

We arrived in Munich on December 15th to spend Christmas in Germany with my wife Brigitte’s family and friends.  First stop was her sister Uschi, then on to Freiburg and the Black Forest where “Tante Erika and Onkel Ekhart” live.  Today we drove up to the snow trails of the Black Forest and ran into a small traffic jam . . .the “Ziegen” or mountain goats! Sometimes you just have to take a break from coach training. . .  (Read More ...)

Life coach training – just like people – comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Before they became life coaches, most of them were already grounded in certain types of therapy, whether it be psychotherapy, hypnosis, law of attraction, NLP or relationship counseling. It stands to reason, therefore, that their approaches would be different. But so are the results. Let me explain… Some therapies, quite frankly, bring about little or no lasting results. I call these the “feel good” modalities – things like affirmations, most energy work, and invocations... (Read More ...)