David Cummings – Small Business Marketing Coach and Contributing Editor – Says: Owning a consulting or coaching business can be challenging in today’s fast paced world. Getting the right kind of exposure can be even more difficult when you don’t really know what your message is . . . and prospective buyers don’t know where to find you! Even when you know what you’re about, and you’re convinced that you need a better online presence, fear and lack of what to do next may often prevent you from promoting your coaching business, or even starting to do this in the first... (Read More ...)

OK, the results are in . . . Those of you on my coach training list know that about a week ago, I requested that you answer a quick 4-question Survey so I could find out what matters most to you. The answers came quickly, are still coming in, and turned out to be very surprising indeed! You can get the full video of those results (along with a little-known list-building strategy) at http://mycoachtraining.com/survey-results, but basically, most of you seem to like the idea of LIST BUILDING, MARKETING, and BRANDING. This is a good thing, mainly because (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

Converting leads into paying clients is usually difficult for several reason:  lack of a defined solution for the client’s problem, and lack of authority.  Using Dr. Craig’s 3-Step selling method shown here, you can learn to “coach your way to success!” This is the last of the series of six videos illustrating the steps in Dr. Craig’s Free Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months!”  (Read More ...)

In Step 4 of my eBook “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months” I cover the all-important topic of lead capture. Quite simply, you need a place to drive traffic. Without it, you have no list and, consequently, no customers! So take 8 minutes right now to do it the right way. I give you tools and resources throughout the video you can check out right now to start building a complete lead capture system around the very excellent free report you did in Step 3!  (Read More ...)

If you create a Free Offer properly, you will present what is called an “ethical bribe.” This means that you are trading your valuable information for your prospects name and email address – a win-win. In the following video, I go over how to set up your offer in the form of a downloadable PDF, what to say, how to say it, and why it needs to be said a certain way. This video is 9 minutes of solid content, so be sure to take some notes!  (Read More ...)

STEP TWO on how to double your coaching income involves something called “niching” or branding. In the last video lesson (Step 1), I covered the importance of knowing yourself. In this video, I go over ways you can tell people about your coaching, and why the WAY you approach them makes all the difference in the world! By using some very simple (and free) tools, you can quickly start finding your niche AND the keywords that your ideal client may be using to find you. If you can position yourself to be where he (or she) is looking, you can easily become the “go to”... (Read More ...)

Get more clients with a sales funnel. The sales funnel is a step by step sales process, i.e. your plan to sell a product or service. If you intend to market your services as a life coach, then understanding and using a sales funnel is a great place to start. The first step is to catch the attention of your target market – your ideal client or “Avatar.” Know who this person is: his or her likes, dislikes, age, habits, and especially needs. You must know what your Avatar NEEDS in order to provide a product or service that fulfills that need. But how to do this when they don’t... (Read More ...)

Market your coaching business with social media Marketing for your coaching business isn’t just about putting out advertisements, it’s about connecting to people. Once you’re in on the conversation, you will get advertising naturally through social sharing – the Internet’s equivalent of word of mouth. This includes “likes” and sharing on Facebook, “retweets” on Twitter, and so on. People are more likely to notice a product or service based on customer reviews and the recommendation of friends than an advertisement. In her book, The Facebook... (Read More ...)

Get connected with your LinkedIn profile. Social media is is a great way to get people to see you and your coaching business, and LinkedIn is no exception. It’s as easy as creating an account and filling in a profile. The question is: are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile? All social networking sites work with different methods that you must learn how to use in order to get any real benefits. With LinkedIn, your profile is vital to how easily people can find you. Unless someone already knows your name, they’re not going to be able to find you if your profile isn’t... (Read More ...)

Where are the coaching jobs? Are you looking for coaching jobs and finding none for the taking?  If you are a business coach, or someone with a specific skill set, you may have it easier.  Its fairly simple to put a price tag on your expertise, and – chances are – there’s a company out there who could use that expertise. If you are a Life Coach, however, who do you approach?  That’s a tougher one.  Who is giving out coaching jobs there days?  It makes you wonder . . . but why? its in the nature of the beast itself. You see, as a “life” coach you are a bit... (Read More ...)