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If you’re like me, you avoid sounding “hypey” at all cost.  Your efforts to get coaching leads that involve ad tactics like “Two Sessions For The Price Of One” not only cheapen your services and tarnish your “street cred,” they simply don’t work (surprise!) . . . I have found an EXCELLENT METHOD for getting beyond this problem, allowing you to just be who you are, add value, go directly to targeted prospects, AND attract all the coaching leads you can handle: Generate Facebook Ads using a “Customer Audience” made up of your ideal clients... (Read More ...)

Converting leads into paying clients is usually difficult for several reason:  lack of a defined solution for the client’s problem, and lack of authority.  Using Dr. Craig’s 3-Step selling method shown here, you can learn to “coach your way to success!” This is the last of the series of six videos illustrating the steps in Dr. Craig’s Free Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months!”  (Read More ...)