In Step 4 of my eBook “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months” I cover the all-important topic of lead capture. Quite simply, you need a place to drive traffic. Without it, you have no list and, consequently, no customers! So take 8 minutes right now to do it the right way. I give you tools and resources throughout the video you can check out right now to start building a complete lead capture system around the very excellent free report you did in Step 3!  (Read More ...)

STEP TWO on how to double your coaching income involves something called “niching” or branding. In the last video lesson (Step 1), I covered the importance of knowing yourself. In this video, I go over ways you can tell people about your coaching, and why the WAY you approach them makes all the difference in the world! By using some very simple (and free) tools, you can quickly start finding your niche AND the keywords that your ideal client may be using to find you. If you can position yourself to be where he (or she) is looking, you can easily become the “go to”... (Read More ...)

I just finished my new 37-Page Special Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income… in 2 Months” and am offering it FREE to anyone who cares to download it now! I covered in my last blog post that there are only 3 ways to make money – from coaching or anything else: attract new coaching clients, sell more stuff to clients, and sell more often. In my report I also cover the first step for all of these methods – Know yourself. Without knowing your niche, how much money you need, how much time you can devote to coaching, etc., etc., you won’t know... (Read More ...)