I really enjoyed this video of Tony Robbins talking about how to condition your mind to follow through to success as well as how to provide value to your clients. He brings up a lot of great points that can be easy to forget while we’re complaining about where we are instead of focusing on where we want to be. The difference between the average person and those that follow through with their plans is 1. A greater fear of not taking action and/or 2. Having a very good reason to follow through.This is a profound insight. Take a moment to let it sink in. If you’ve been reading this blog,... (Read More ...)

Be the Goal Keeper! The main purpose for any kind of coaching is to help your client get from point A to point B. This goal is set up at the beginning of the coaching relationship, and is the foundation for all future conversations. While this may seem simple enough, but usually there are obstacles along the way. Sometimes over the course of coaching, the client can become apathetic about the goal or just want to give up. While tackling my own issues and attempting to achieve goals, I often experienced this. My goal seemed like too much work, and I simply wanted to stop trying and do something... (Read More ...)

Author: Arina The power of intention is a phrase we see and hear a lot, but a clear definition is hard to find. I like to think of it as the power that makes things happen and creates your reality. Your intentions are based on your desires and internal beliefs, and these inevitably become your actions and experiences in life. The power of intention is the force that allows us to achieve our goals and inevitably guides us through life. When attempting to use the power of intention to my advantage, my major block was realizing that false intentions can undermine you from the start. I would set out... (Read More ...)

Do your Life Coaching clients set AND achieve their goals?  Do you??  If you have been coaching people for any length of time, you’ve heard the following: “Setting goals does me no good,” or “I just can’t achieve goals, so its useless to make them.” There is a Very Good Reason Why people do NOT set or reach their goals . . . so CLICK HERE to check out a very good strategy for dealing with the problem of goal underachievement. If this has been helpful, be sure to order my FREE REPORT on how you may be sabotaging your OWN success as a Life Coach!  (Read More ...)