Dr. Ron Owens Dr. Ron Owens is a spiritual life coach in the Atlanta area, and is currently working on the curriculum for the Basic Life Coach Training program for those who want to be certified as either a “basic” or Logical Soul® Life Coach. Dr. Ron has also been compiling a list of what he calls universal spiritual laws that can provide some keen insights into the nature of reality, and help you as a coach to be MUCH more effective with your clients. Dr. Ron also points out “there are as many as 42 such laws” and wanted to list some of his favorites. Here they... (Read More ...)

The Great Manifestor If you want something as a child, you either ask your parents, grandparents, or that guy at the mall called Santa Claus.  And (assuming you’ve been “good”) you’ll actually get it!  Great deal, huh?  Want something.  Get results.  Life Coaching Tip:  when you grow up, this process no longer works.  While it makes sense as a child to expect that your cuteness will bring “stuff,” as an adult, you are no longer as cute.  In fact, you must often work hard for what you get!  Many people, however, continue to follow this “desire =... (Read More ...)

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?   If so, you are in good company.  Some of the most successful people in the world do also. “But,” you might add, “it doesn’t really work for me or my Life Coaching clients.” Doesn’t it?  Or does it work precisely because you (or your clients) don’t believe it can?! Let’s look at this a little deeper . . . The Law of Attraction states, in essence, that you attract into your life PRECISELY what you believe. However this law, like the law of gravity, also operates without judgment, favoritism, morality, or... (Read More ...)