Free Coaching? The Success of your life coaching business relies on good marketing, building rapport and developing lasting relationships. One of the ways to do this is to offer free life coaching sessions to your prospective clients to “coach” them on why they need you and your services! Free sessions alone, however, won’t sell you.  If, in your prospects mind, they got “fixed” during the free session, they see little reason to sign up for your whole program!  So give them an outline of your program, and plenty of reasons – both emotional and logical –... (Read More ...)

 So Now You’re a Life Coach…  Congratulations – you’re on the path to making a difference in many people’s lives!  But how many?? While you may be the greatest coach in the world, you will only attract those people who genuinely understand WHO you are, WHAT it is you do, and HOW you can solve their particular problem. Are you prepared for answering these questions in-depth?  If you’re like most coaches I know, you’re not.  You simply don’t know or understand your “Coaching Niche.” Your “Niche” is simply your specialty,... (Read More ...)

OK, I’ve been working like the dickens to get this thing to press by the end of Monday… and there are still some bugs to work out on the optin page, but better something than nothing, so here goes… The Logical Soul® Is Now Online (V 1.0) Back in 2008 I created an online training course that I shared with early subscribers, and it helped me create the content for my first published book (The Logical Soul) back in 2009.  Now you can have access to these same videos and transcripts for FREE! That’s right.  I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on Logical... (Read More ...)

Logical Soul® Training Update: Mark your calendar:  The next Logical Soul® Training Course will be held in Atlanta on November 8-9  December 6-7, 2014!  This course is unique of all life coach training courses in that it will teach you – step-by-step – how to create POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGHS in your own life and the life of your coaching clients . . . sometimes in minutes! More information will be coming soon. I discovered this technique in the early 1990’s as a result of years of searching for techniques and methods I believed held the key to the healing miracles I had experienced... (Read More ...)

“If we are not willing to fail we will never accomplish anything. All creative acts involve the risk of failure.” ― Madeleine L’Engle, Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage As a child, I was the student who wanted to excel in everything – and for the most part, I did. However, as life became more complex and demanding, I quickly learned that “failure is not an option” was not a reasonable philosophy on which to base my life. In fact, by not accepting failure, I generated a colossal amount of stress and began avoiding any sort of risks. Eventually, I found myself... (Read More ...)

After attending Module 3 of the Logical Soul® Life Coach Certification this weekend, I was exhausted. We had a fantastic time reviewing the Logical Soul® process for newcomers as well as giving and receiving sessions as a group. Many of us had major breakthroughs, whether we resolved an age old issue, learned more about the Logical Soul® process, or took another strong step in the right direction. It was a lot of fun but also intense! So, my plan was to rest today. Take it easy. Catch up on e-mail and other small things. Instead, I found myself pacing from room to room, irritated beyond measure.... (Read More ...)

Logical Soul® Training! I had the great fortune to attend Module 1 of Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul® Life Coach Training Program last weekend, and I’m here to tell you that it was absolutely amazing. No, really. This entire post is going to be about how wonderful this life coach training is, and why I can’t recommend it enough! It all began with (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

Is She Lying to Protect Hidden Fears? As a practicing life coach, you no doubt have many tools available to help people understand and reach their objectives. But do you really know how to get to these objectives? As silly as it may sound, your client may not know what he or she wants! So how do you go about getting to the REAL cause of that person’s happiness? How do you read between the lines? How do you, in fact, determine when someone is actually lying in order to look good, save face, cover a feeling of impotence, or simply because they don’t trust you enough to really confide... (Read More ...)

Illuminate your coaching. When you have a new client, the first thing you want to know is why they’re seeking your help. What is their “problem”? The answer to this question establishes the foundation for your life coaching sessions with this person. Naturally, you want to make sure you get a complete answer… and this sometimes involves reading between the lines. Often, a person will come to a life coach with a nagging external issue. This is something that is perceived to be beyond the power of the individual to control. For example, “I need to make more money,” or... (Read More ...)

Let go of judgment. Basic Life Coach Training Update: Lately I’ve been reading about Buddhist meditation and mindfulness – specifically what’s known as Vipassana meditation. At it’s core, it’s the practice of seeing the true nature of reality without preconceptions or illusions, and can be a great technique to share with others as part of your life coaching and life coach training. This may sound simple, but being mindful goes against much of what we’re expected to do in daily life. So what does this have to do with life coach training? After practicing mindfulness,... (Read More ...)

Life Coach Training Course Update: Dr. Ron Owens will be continuing his 13-Module Series on Basic Life Coach Training and Certification this coming Tuesday on Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul Talk.  Dr. Owens began the series July 31st;  each Tuesday show airs from 6-7 pm ET (60 minutes). Dr.  Owens is a PhD, psychologist, life coach, and president and founder of the National Association of Life Coaches and Trainers (NALCT), based in Norcross, Georgia.  Ron’s passion is helping retired people and empty-nesters adjust to the changes in their lives and careers. In the 13-part training... (Read More ...)

The Great Manifestor If you want something as a child, you either ask your parents, grandparents, or that guy at the mall called Santa Claus.  And (assuming you’ve been “good”) you’ll actually get it!  Great deal, huh?  Want something.  Get results.  Life Coaching Tip:  when you grow up, this process no longer works.  While it makes sense as a child to expect that your cuteness will bring “stuff,” as an adult, you are no longer as cute.  In fact, you must often work hard for what you get!  Many people, however, continue to follow this “desire =... (Read More ...)

Don’t let failure get you down. Perhaps you’re thinking about getting life coach training, but you’re plagued with doubts.  Some of them might sound like this: “Is this what I really want?” “Do I have what it takes to be a life coach?” “Am I old enough?  Do I have enough knowledge/wisdom/degrees?” … and so forth.  Does the idea of failure or criticism stop you from fulfilling your dream of becoming a transformational life coach? Does the thought of making a mistake, not having a degree, or not being the best hold you back?  Have... (Read More ...)

Get your questions answered with life coach certification I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t need life coach certification to be a life coach. You can go into business for yourself with just a business name, and a few printed cards to get the word out that you are now a life coach. In fact, you may already be a life coach who is self-taught and learned through experience how to get beyond obstacles and to help others do the same. If so, I applaud you. That’s the long road to take, but the best one. Let me give you an example. Imagine a potential client walking... (Read More ...)

Devon Brown, Business Success Coach If you want to get a real strong start in your life coaching business, check this out! My friend Devon Brown just made a video describing our recent interview on Logical Soul Talk. First watch the short video below, then CLICK HERE to hear my whole 30-minute conversation with this dynamic business coach (and by the way, please leave us a comment afterwards)!  (Read More ...)

Life coach training doesn’t just teach you how to help your clients; it also teaches you how to help yourself. There are many wonderful techniques and strategies that can help you be a better life coach. Right now I want to share with you an often overlooked aspect of life coach training: taking full responsibility. Most of us believe that anything outside of us is not our problem. As a child, I strongly believed this to be true. When people were unkind to me or caused me grief, I saw it as their problem. My motto was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing external to me has any... (Read More ...)

Life coaching training is fun! There are many life coaching training programs and institutes. In fact, a Google search for “life coaching training” will give you a whopping 38,400,000 results. So how do you know which life coaching training is right for you? The truth is, you don’t need life coaching training to be a life coach. Having adequate life experience, a drive for success and helping people, and a company name (a DBA is fine) will get you started. However, a little bit of training can make a huge difference in your success. It’s also good to know what you’re... (Read More ...)

It’s easy to TALK about finding your coaching ‘Why’; but more difficult to actually do it!  In fact, you may be giving your coaching clients the same self-discovery advice, but still trying to figure out a “down and dirty” way to get this information out of them. Here’s how… Below is a video I did last year that demonstrates Muscle Testing, or Applied Kinesiology, and how you can use this unique feedback process to help your clients (and yourself) discover hidden motivations.    (Read More ...)

Why Discover Your Coaching ‘Why’…? In my Free Report “The 7 Mistakes Life Coaches Make in Their Business…” the #1 mistake is trying to serve everybody. In the report I talk about how you need to define your niche, and go DEEP, not wide. If you want to go deep, however, you need to have a good enough reason to do this. You need to LOVE your subject, or else others will pick up the fact that you don’t . . . and will turn away. IF, however, you have a “good enough ‘Why’” they will see that and flock to you in large numbers. Here’s... (Read More ...)

On the list of the 7 biggest mistakes Life Coaches make in their businesses, a “lack of Inner-Outer Congruence” is at or near the top.  Lack of Congruence is an important step in overcoming as part of your life coach training.  It basically means that you are not singing the same tune INSIDE as you are OUTSIDE. This is the single-most important factor keeping life coaches, business coaches and entrepreneurs small. This factor keeps you unable to act on opportunities, drive out fears, and grab success. I get to speak frankly on this subject while delivering some checks to the Post... (Read More ...)

Mark your calendar!  On Saturday, April 28th, 2012 in Atlanta, Dr. Michael Craig (yours truly) will be giving a presentation at the ULTIMATE EXTREME LIFE MAKEOVER EVENT in Atlanta. I have just finished my book (The Six Figure Coach: How to Go From Nuthin’ to Success in the Transformation Business!) and will copies available, along with a very special surprise for those who want to jump on the fast track with their coaching program! This Event is being sponsored by NU DAE Enterprises LLC., a provider of professional seminars, workshops, and personal development training. With over a hundred... (Read More ...)

If you have been coaching or counseling for any length of time, you already know that Self-Sabotage runs deeper than most of your clients realize. Most will try to cover up the sabotage, i.e., try to “look good” in spite of the fact that his or her life may be falling apart! Most people who suffer from self-sabotage may not even be aware they are doing it. In these cases, your coaching can provide a great service by merely pointing out the offending behavior and letting them self-correct. Getting clients beyond their self-stopping usually involves the following 4 Steps: Helping the... (Read More ...)

Mental Detox?? Do you or your Life Coaching client have “Mental Toxicity”? If so, you might need to do – or suggest – a “mental detox” so you can start eliminating self-sabotage in some area of your life, and simultaneously discover your vast inner potential.  Here’s how it works…  Let’s say you have a problem you want cleared up.  Somehow, though, it always seems to hang around and return in your life over and over again.  I call this ‘mental toxicity‘ because you are still running subconscious programs that keep attracting... (Read More ...)

Can you actually earn money doing what you love? If you love to listen to others, share life experiences, and guide people to taking action on that which they already know they want to do, then the answer is a resounding “YES”!  You are already qualified for life coach training! Life coach training gives you permission – if you will – to do that which you already love, which is to counel others on matters of life importance.  Life coaching itself is a term that can be defined quite simply as “helping others to maximize their effectiveness in everyday functioning... (Read More ...)