Subway Fresh? The Subway franchise’s latest venture into marketing humor involves poking fun at life coaches..  OK, so we’re fair game, but in my opinion this ad is actually a good thing. You see, if our profession (in this case diet coaching) is the subject of derision, it can only mean that enough people understand what a “life coach” is to be able to get the underlying humor!  So this is a time to celebrat4e the trend . . . the trend is your friend!  Someone famous once said that bad publicity is better than no publicity.  If life coaching comes across as just a... (Read More ...)

(Part 3 of a 3-Part Series) In the last two parts of this series, I covered two of the five weight loss secrets, i.e., the five main contributing factors to Obesity.  In Part One I went over the reasons why MSG and Soy products contribute to both poor health and obesity. In Part Two, I covered the work by Drs. Starr and Tennant concerning what they perceive as a thyroid deficiency epidemic, and how obesity ties in directly to this plague. In this article I want to go over the rest of the factors I didn’t cover before . . . and also add a SIXTH FACTOR I consider to be the “Lynchpin”... (Read More ...)

(Part 1 of a 3-Part Series) The Pitfalls of Weight-Loss Coaching George was a life coach who consulted with clients about weight loss, diet and nutrition.  One of his long-time clients (we’ll call her Sally) could not lose weight, no matter what she did.  George tried everything to help Sally, starting with divulging to her the “secrets” he was taught that provide the basis for any weight loss program: 1) Eat less and 2) Exercise more.  George and Sally spent weeks and months on her program, starting with a sensible change of lifestyle, i.e., eating smaller portions, cutting... (Read More ...)

Here is a unique perspective on an old topic by Dr. Craig. Being “Coachable” is important trait for you as a Life Coach, as well as for your clients! Introducing the term “divine listening”… part of the Coaching Kahuna program:  (Read More ...)

Devon Brown, Business Success Coach If you want to get a real strong start in your life coaching business, check this out! My friend Devon Brown just made a video describing our recent interview on Logical Soul Talk. First watch the short video below, then CLICK HERE to hear my whole 30-minute conversation with this dynamic business coach (and by the way, please leave us a comment afterwards)!  (Read More ...)

Why Discover Your Coaching ‘Why’…? In my Free Report “The 7 Mistakes Life Coaches Make in Their Business…” the #1 mistake is trying to serve everybody. In the report I talk about how you need to define your niche, and go DEEP, not wide. If you want to go deep, however, you need to have a good enough reason to do this. You need to LOVE your subject, or else others will pick up the fact that you don’t . . . and will turn away. IF, however, you have a “good enough ‘Why’” they will see that and flock to you in large numbers. Here’s... (Read More ...)

On the list of the 7 biggest mistakes Life Coaches make in their businesses, a “lack of Inner-Outer Congruence” is at or near the top.  Lack of Congruence is an important step in overcoming as part of your life coach training.  It basically means that you are not singing the same tune INSIDE as you are OUTSIDE. This is the single-most important factor keeping life coaches, business coaches and entrepreneurs small. This factor keeps you unable to act on opportunities, drive out fears, and grab success. I get to speak frankly on this subject while delivering some checks to the Post... (Read More ...)

Where are the coaching jobs? Are you looking for coaching jobs and finding none for the taking?  If you are a business coach, or someone with a specific skill set, you may have it easier.  Its fairly simple to put a price tag on your expertise, and – chances are – there’s a company out there who could use that expertise. If you are a Life Coach, however, who do you approach?  That’s a tougher one.  Who is giving out coaching jobs there days?  It makes you wonder . . . but why? its in the nature of the beast itself. You see, as a “life” coach you are a bit... (Read More ...)