David Cummings – Small Business Marketing Coach and Contributing Editor – Says: Owning a consulting or coaching business can be challenging in today’s fast paced world. Getting the right kind of exposure can be even more difficult when you don’t really know what your message is . . . and prospective buyers don’t know where to find you! Even when you know what you’re about, and you’re convinced that you need a better online presence, fear and lack of what to do next may often prevent you from promoting your coaching business, or even starting to do this in the first... (Read More ...)

Is Life Coaching a scam? Apparently some people think so. You know what? I actually don’t blame them for saying this. To the writer of the blog post on Reddit.com (“viowastaken”) and others who share his views, “Scam” is too nice a word for anything that steals their dreams and slams their best efforts to get ahead. There are, in fact, lots of folks out there – with best intentions or not – who do just that, i.e., steal people’s dreams. I have discovered 3 such categories of “Scam Artists” and will describe them for you here: The FIRST... (Read More ...)

After attending Module 3 of the Logical Soul® Life Coach Certification this weekend, I was exhausted. We had a fantastic time reviewing the Logical Soul® process for newcomers as well as giving and receiving sessions as a group. Many of us had major breakthroughs, whether we resolved an age old issue, learned more about the Logical Soul® process, or took another strong step in the right direction. It was a lot of fun but also intense! So, my plan was to rest today. Take it easy. Catch up on e-mail and other small things. Instead, I found myself pacing from room to room, irritated beyond measure.... (Read More ...)

Let a life coach help you get to your destination. Life doesn’t come with an instruction guide. We’re all learning as we go and doing the best we can, but sometimes we need a little help along the way. At times like this we may turn to family and friends for support. But let’s be honest, sometimes you need an objective, experienced person to tell it like it is and help you get on track. A life coach is not a therapist or a medical doctor, but someone who helps you overcome obstacles to a goal or objective. You don’t need to have an illness or be at your wits end to ask for... (Read More ...)

It has happened to me, and I KNOW its happened to you as well. . . I had a client – a business coach – come to see me who felt a bit overwhelmed with starting her own business. She said she was a perfectionist, didn’t know where to start, worked all day on emails and busy work and, at the end of the day, had nothing to show for it. Sound familiar? If this describes you, I’ve put together a few tips that might help you get off the wheel and start producing things of real value, real soon: First of all, its important to realize that YOU are not necessarily the problem. For... (Read More ...)

So you made the decision to be a Life Coach. Congratulations! You will be in a position to transform people’s lives . . . but you will also be joining the ranks of those who earn – on average – about the same income as that of a fast food cook. But does it have to be this way? NO!! Just because your skill is not considered “entrepreneurial,” this does NOT mean you have to settle with scraping by. It does mean, however, that you have to WANT to be financially successful as a coach . . . and start taking steps to make this happen! J.F. (Jim) Straw Octogenarian... (Read More ...)

What makes you unique? Are you unique?  If so, are you effective in telling others about it?? An important but often overlooked aspect of marketing your life coaching business is to show people what makes you different. How you stand out from all of the other life coaching folks is the only way to truly get more clients. By NOT doing this, you are just one of the crowd . . . a commodity. And as a commodity you can only compete on price; not the place you want to be. I like to think of it as writing an effective resume. You don’t leave out what makes you a particularly qualified or expert... (Read More ...)