It’s Grandma’s Fault Guess what?  Grandma’s fear may have just stopped you from getting that big deal you were going for . . . or losing those ten extra pounds! So says the theory coming out of the latest field of research called epigenetics. In this article I’ll cover this interesting tidbit, then provide you with an interesting solution I call  family tree coaching.   Epigenetic Research While ancestral influences have been known and embraced by most cultures around the world, it has only recently gained the attention of western scientists and researchers.  Most... (Read More ...)

Do you have a friend in need?  If so, this is your opportunity for some real life coaching.  Take time to help… or at least listen to them! This is the time of year that’s supposed to be festive, with special emphasis placed on our love and sharing with family and friends.  For many, however, its a time of pain and sad news, followed by deep reflection and the opportunity to transform the pain into some kind of contentment. I didn’t start out to write this blog post… the idea just came up after speaking with an old friend on the phone.  This person has been a dear friend... (Read More ...)

Subway Fresh? The Subway franchise’s latest venture into marketing humor involves poking fun at life coaches..  OK, so we’re fair game, but in my opinion this ad is actually a good thing. You see, if our profession (in this case diet coaching) is the subject of derision, it can only mean that enough people understand what a “life coach” is to be able to get the underlying humor!  So this is a time to celebrat4e the trend . . . the trend is your friend!  Someone famous once said that bad publicity is better than no publicity.  If life coaching comes across as just a... (Read More ...)

OK, let’s cut to the chase . . . Coaching is really all about creating MIRACLES in your life and the lives of your clients. If you don’t quite get how that happens (and even if you do), you need to check out my latest online training entitled… Dr. Michael Craig Coaching Miracles I created this 4-video Series entitled Coaching Miracles from snippets of a presentation I gave about a year ago to a group of newly-certified Life Coaches.  After a little cleaning up and editing, it was still a little fuzzy . . . but the CONTENT I provided during that afternoon talk provided material... (Read More ...)

I just finished reading an article by writer Mark Davis in the Living Section of today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled “Time for a Game Plan?  Some Call in a Life Coach for Advice.”  The category heading of the article was “Trends,” so I suspect the AJC has its fingers on the pulse of the public after all! This AJC article is only the latest barrage of articles, blog posts, and media human interest stories that have come to light over the past few years.  If you are a life coach or business coach who sometimes feels alone or dejected because you don’t... (Read More ...)

How Often Do You Complete Your Resolutions? . . . Or how often do your life coaching clients do this??  If the answer is ‘seldom’ you (and they) are not alone.  Roughly 70% of all New Years resolutions fail to carry steam after January.  Lack of commitment to take consistent action, in fact, is the number one reason why resolutions fail! There is a way, however, to make resolutions in such a way that they not only stick, but get completed in record time because you WANT to commit to taking the actions necessary to finish the job! Last year about this time, I shared my “12 Magical... (Read More ...)

When I first started working with clients, I was a Chiropractor looking to get beyond the obvious physical symptoms for underlying causes to problems.  In the beginning, this process was slow and tortuous. When I began my professional career (in the mid-1980’s) I was using techniques I was taught at school and seminars.  While I found most of them effective, they still didn’t give me the answers I was looking for.  It was only after I traveled the world and expanded my learning horizons that I realized the answers were INSIDE all the time . . . and that there was actually very LITTLE... (Read More ...)

Can you get clients today?  Yes!  There are actually LOTS of ways to get coaching clients:   Stand out on the street corner wearing a sandwich board that says “Will Coach For Food,” Run an ad offering to PAY people to get coached, Drop a thousand pamphlets into a war zone offering free coaching with every bullet-proof vest they purchase, or Get Christian Mickelsen’s free best-selling book Get Clients Today (2nd Edition) and start implementing his step-by-step strategies. I don’t know about you, but I find Method #4 the most reasonable and practical step!! Since... (Read More ...)

Dr. Goodheart (1918-2008) Muscle Testing – the testing of muscles to determine changes in body energy, health and responsiveness – has been around for a long time.  It wasn’t until the mid-1960’s, however, until noted chiropractor and researcher Dr. George Goodheart systematized the process known today as “Applied Kineseology.”  “A.K.” – as it is known in the profession – is a powerful tool for testing muscles to determine underlying disorders or for testing the body for compatibility with substances like vitamins, foods, chemicals,... (Read More ...)

I get asked all the time, “Your background is chiropractic. So why are you a coach, and why do you train Coaches rather than other Chiropractors and professionals?” That’s a valid question, and I hope this blog post will give you some insights into why I do what I do. First, however, I think it’s important to tell you WHAT I do before launching into the WHY … What I DO As a Coach and Coach Trainer I transform people’s lives in such a way that EVERYTHING they see, do or experience becomes more abundant, brighter and happier!  I do this by providing them with... (Read More ...)

OK, the results are in . . . Those of you on my coach training list know that about a week ago, I requested that you answer a quick 4-question Survey so I could find out what matters most to you. The answers came quickly, are still coming in, and turned out to be very surprising indeed! You can get the full video of those results (along with a little-known list-building strategy) at, but basically, most of you seem to like the idea of LIST BUILDING, MARKETING, and BRANDING. This is a good thing, mainly because (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

In the past several years, the phrase “follow your passion” has become the new mantra for those wanting to “have it all” . . . whatever that means. I’ve heard this phrase uttered, mostly by those (like me, I must admit) who have in the past had difficulty holding or keeping a job, or difficulty earning money from their own business or enterprise. Finding your passion is what you do if you don’t really have any other job to do. That may sound a bit harsh, but as I said, I’ve been among those shouting this phrase the loudest over a period of several years. So... (Read More ...)

Anybody can drive traffic. all it takes is a Google Adwords account and a lot of money. But how do you, as a coach, drive targeted traffic, i.e., those who are actively looking for the type of coaching you provide? Dr. Michael Craig provides the answer to that question in this short 10-minute video: By the way, if you like this video and this series, we would really appreciate it if you leave your comments and feedback below. Thanks!  (Read More ...)

Is Life Coaching a scam? Apparently some people think so. You know what? I actually don’t blame them for saying this. To the writer of the blog post on (“viowastaken”) and others who share his views, “Scam” is too nice a word for anything that steals their dreams and slams their best efforts to get ahead. There are, in fact, lots of folks out there – with best intentions or not – who do just that, i.e., steal people’s dreams. I have discovered 3 such categories of “Scam Artists” and will describe them for you here: The FIRST... (Read More ...)

Divine Listening is a process used by Dr. Michael Craig as part of the Logical Soul(R) process.  (Read More ...)

Do you know the 3 Critical Elements to selling yourself as a life coach?  (Selling your life coaching is part of the Coaching Kahuna program.) Dr. Craig reveals here his strategy on how to sell yourself as a coach, what to say and how to say it…  (Read More ...)

Here is a unique perspective on an old topic by Dr. Craig. Being “Coachable” is important trait for you as a Life Coach, as well as for your clients! Introducing the term “divine listening”… part of the Coaching Kahuna program:  (Read More ...)

Why would someone go to a Life Coach?   If you are in the market to hire a life coach, but don’t know where to start, this article can perhaps shed a little light on what is possible. If you are a life coach yourself, this article may give you some insight into what people are looking for so that you can begin to target them and add more value to your existing clients. It can be hard to define what a life coach does when there are so many different areas of life that can benefit from coaching. Fortunately, many coaches let the public know that they specialize in a particular area. So, if... (Read More ...)

Our beliefs make us who we are, and who we are not. Curly Martin, author of The Life Coaching Handbook, suggests that understanding how beliefs are formed is necessary to being an effective life coach. “You have created, and continue to create, an image of yourself that is based on the attitudes of other people. It is an image that can either help or hinder the development of your potential and it changes with circumstances and situations.” The authority figures in your life, from parents to peers, influenced the development of your beliefs – and these are some very fundamental... (Read More ...)

I really enjoyed this video of Tony Robbins talking about how to condition your mind to follow through to success as well as how to provide value to your clients. He brings up a lot of great points that can be easy to forget while we’re complaining about where we are instead of focusing on where we want to be. The difference between the average person and those that follow through with their plans is 1. A greater fear of not taking action and/or 2. Having a very good reason to follow through.This is a profound insight. Take a moment to let it sink in. If you’ve been reading this blog,... (Read More ...)

What do life coaches do? They help people. That’s a very simple answer, but it’s true. It’s also why becoming a life coach is so rewarding. Being able to help people transform their lives is a wonderful gift. We’ve all given and received help at some point in our lives. I know this, because without help, we would have never survived infancy, and we wouldn’t be able to function as communities. That’s how important it is to help each other. When we stop to help someone without any expectations, it can be greatly rewarding. It helps us to get out of our own mental... (Read More ...)

It’s good to know that Life Coaching is not therapy and that we help people move past all sorts of things. . . I normally don’t share videos, and this really has little to do with life coaching, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one:  (Read More ...)

If you’ve been a life coach for any length of time, you have no doubt found that clients often say one thing and do another.  Say you give them an assignment based on THEIR stated goal of putting together an action plan for a small business. They say they want to succeed in business and need to put together a list of ten priorities to accomplish over the next three months. This was the stated goal of one of my clients years ago, so I gave him that assignment, merely as an accountability exercise.  Simple, right?  We’re talking list here . . . not the actual doing of the list. Two... (Read More ...)

Quick. Do you know what to say? As a Life Coach, you are part of a unique breed. Rather than compete in a dog-eat-dog world for power and riches, you have a real desire to see others succeed . . . and in so doing, know that you will win as well. While your intentions may be wonderful, however, if you can’t communicate them to others, they won’t buy what you’re selling! Below are 41 things you can tell those who want to know the benefits of a Life Coach, and how life coaching can help them. Simply say, as appropriate, “I can . . . .” 1. Be a powerful sounding board. 2.... (Read More ...)

Are Ancestors important for Life Coaching? Judging by the number of ancestor-related websites being promoted lately, there appears to be a growing interest in checking out your family roots. is the 149th most popular site in America (according to Alexa) and averages over 700 hits a day, mostly by older researchers. But what does familiarity with your ancestors have do do with life coaching or counseling? A lot, it appears. Many spiritual practices and religions – particularly in native cultures and the orient – revolve around both the acceptance and, in many cases, the... (Read More ...)