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Dr. Ron Owens Dr. Ron Owens is a spiritual life coach in the Atlanta area, and is currently working on the curriculum for the Basic Life Coach Training program for those who want to be certified as either a “basic” or Logical Soul® Life Coach. Dr. Ron has also been compiling a list of what he calls universal spiritual laws that can provide some keen insights into the nature of reality, and help you as a coach to be MUCH more effective with your clients. Dr. Ron also points out “there are as many as 42 such laws” and wanted to list some of his favorites. Here they... (Read More ...)

Logical Soul® Training! I had the great fortune to attend Module 1 of Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul® Life Coach Training Program last weekend, and I’m here to tell you that it was absolutely amazing. No, really. This entire post is going to be about how wonderful this life coach training is, and why I can’t recommend it enough! It all began with (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

Let a life coach help you get to your destination. Life doesn’t come with an instruction guide. We’re all learning as we go and doing the best we can, but sometimes we need a little help along the way. At times like this we may turn to family and friends for support. But let’s be honest, sometimes you need an objective, experienced person to tell it like it is and help you get on track. A life coach is not a therapist or a medical doctor, but someone who helps you overcome obstacles to a goal or objective. You don’t need to have an illness or be at your wits end to ask for... (Read More ...)

Hard to Become a Life Coach? Think again! I know what it’s like to think, “I can’t do that.” Growing up, I loved to read and write, and I had dreams of being an author. I was also told at a young age that wanting to be an author wasn’t practical, and I needed a Plan B. As a child, I wasn’t thinking about Plan B dreams; I was thinking about what I loved to do. This “knowledge” that I couldn’t do it was crushing. Notice that my child-self immediately took this “advice” and turned it into a belief that I didn’t have a chance.... (Read More ...)

Become the coach you KNOW you can be! When you think about your success as a life coach, or any other kind of coach, how do you measure it? Client feedback? The number of paying clients? Or the bottom line in your bank account? While these are all valid indicators of success – including the milestone of earning six figures or more from your coaching and other businesses – numbers alone are NOT the measure of real success. For that, you have to look within and decide on your definition, i.e., what truly makes your heart sing! The first key to becoming a six figure coach is to coach... (Read More ...)

There’s more to life coaching than just positive thinking.Most of us take our subconscious minds for granted. Every day our subconscious minds regulate bodily functions like breathing and our heart beat without our conscious minds having to think about it. It even gives us warnings when something isn’t “right” – whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. This is easily demonstrated by our “fight or flight” response, which causes us to react to perceived threats without consciously thinking about it and even before we’re consciously aware... (Read More ...)

Benefits of NLP in coaching. After author and star of “The Secret,” Joe Vitale, had learned the power of the new Ho’oponopono as taught by Dr. Hew Len, he wrote in his book Zero Limits that he felt all his previous books (on subjects like hypnosis and NLP) were now irrelevant or less effective. Dr. Len then reassured him this was not so; that each of those books are stepping stones for people at different stages of their understanding. This is something that I think is important to understand as a coaching client and as part of life coaching. We all have the desire to get to... (Read More ...)

Illuminate your coaching. When you have a new client, the first thing you want to know is why they’re seeking your help. What is their “problem”? The answer to this question establishes the foundation for your life coaching sessions with this person. Naturally, you want to make sure you get a complete answer… and this sometimes involves reading between the lines. Often, a person will come to a life coach with a nagging external issue. This is something that is perceived to be beyond the power of the individual to control. For example, “I need to make more money,” or... (Read More ...)

This is the “age old” question:Directive life coaching?  Or Non-Directive coaching?  Which is better? And which approach should you use – and when??  The answer isn’t all black and white.  Your approach to coaching greatly depends on the client and your client’s needs and individual goals . . . so first, let’s take a look at what these two kinds of coaching are: Directive Coaching This coaching skill involves more input from you, the coach, rather than the client. You are providing advice, wisdom, and direction to the client based on personal experience... (Read More ...)

Life Coach Training Course Update: Dr. Ron Owens will be continuing his 13-Module Series on Basic Life Coach Training and Certification this coming Tuesday on Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul Talk.  Dr. Owens began the series July 31st;  each Tuesday show airs from 6-7 pm ET (60 minutes). Dr.  Owens is a PhD, psychologist, life coach, and president and founder of the National Association of Life Coaches and Trainers (NALCT), based in Norcross, Georgia.  Ron’s passion is helping retired people and empty-nesters adjust to the changes in their lives and careers. In the 13-part training... (Read More ...)

The Great Manifestor If you want something as a child, you either ask your parents, grandparents, or that guy at the mall called Santa Claus.  And (assuming you’ve been “good”) you’ll actually get it!  Great deal, huh?  Want something.  Get results.  Life Coaching Tip:  when you grow up, this process no longer works.  While it makes sense as a child to expect that your cuteness will bring “stuff,” as an adult, you are no longer as cute.  In fact, you must often work hard for what you get!  Many people, however, continue to follow this “desire =... (Read More ...)

Life Coaching naturally involves both “life” and “coaching.”  Since “life” can’t be defined, every life coach training program out there focuses on the coaching part, or things to DO.  These things usually involve active listening, appreciative inquiry, and a dozen other words to go along with a way of getting results based on connecting with others with an end or result in mind. What would happen, however, if the results could happen naturally based on BEING instead of “Doing”?  What if there were an approach built on “life”.... (Read More ...)

Osho I first heard the term “No Mind” from the writings of Osho, my wife’s guru. He was the source of my realization that No Mind, meditation, pure awareness and life itself were all one and the same. Although I never had the privilege of meeting Osho in person, his words spoke to me in ways that still touch my heart and soul. Years ago, however, Osho (or Baghwan Sri Rajneesh as he was called at the time) was inaccessible to me.   This was not his doing, but mine. At the time – in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s – I was involved in another meditation... (Read More ...)

Life Coaching with No Mind What is “No Mind”? And how does it relate to life coaching?? I’m taking a chance here.  I’m taking the chance that you are drawn to being a life coach because your focus is on “life.”  If you believe that personal transformation is the highest expression of consciousness, continue reading.  If, however, your focus is on “coaching,” skip this series of articles.  You already have a definition of life coaching, know exactly what you are doing, and how you are doing it . . . Chances are there is nothing here for you. This... (Read More ...)

Choose to be free. “You are your own worst enemy”. We’ve all heard this phrase, and the more I observe myself, the more I find it to be true. It can be easy to be afraid, confused, doubtful, or conflicted. Sometimes the idea of failure prevents us from taking action. Sometimes the idea of success is too overwhelming to consider. Sometimes, it’s simply easier to stay in our comfort zone. Almost everyone limits themselves in some way, and most life coaching tips will address different methods to resolve this piece by piece. I’ve read about EFT, NLP, affirmations, and... (Read More ...)

Break free of memories! Scientists are still trying to understand how and why different types of memories are formed. Neuroscience is a complex field with very few definitive facts that we can actually work with as a lay person. However, as human beings we’ve come to understand that a healthy memory is vital to our success on all levels, particularly as it pertains to our life coaching practice. Being able to remember people’s names, for example, or appointment dates, personal or professional issues, and the myriad of business details . . . these are all important. But your memory isn’t... (Read More ...)

Reward yourself for a change. Most of us talk about being more productive . . . how to perform better in life coaching, and how to make more money, how to accomplish more each day. However, it’s not often that we think about how to celebrate our success. Is rewarding yourself difficult?  If so, learn to overcome this hesitation; its a learned behavior . . . and not really productive to boot!  Here’s the reality:  you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts, and without this reward you are less effective. You might think that making more money or being a better coach is reward enough.... (Read More ...)

Learn to Accept Wealth for your Life Coaching. Are you struggling to make money with life coaching? Do you seem to be doing everything right, but still don’t have the money you feel you deserve? Do you even ASK for the money when you perform services for others… or simply give out a lot of free sessions because it’s “the right thing to do”??  Chances are you have a subconscious decision that’s working as an obstacle to your success. Dr. Craig calls this “Success Sabotage Syndrome”. You can, in fact, sabotage your success, not only in life coaching,... (Read More ...)

Do you need business coaching? Are you interested in business coaching? If so, you’ve got a lot of great people behind you. Business coaching has been used for years to boost top executives even higher, further individual career planning, and give self-employed businesses the chance they deserve. However, you might be wondering if business coaching is worth your money. This is a smart question. Naturally, you want to make a good investment by getting back more than you put into it. Well, I can tell you that any good business coach – particularly one who knows your particular niche –... (Read More ...)

Business coaching vs. life coaching. While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs. Take the case of a businessman who has some sort of problem in his personal life. Do you deal with his situation as a business coach? Or from the perspective of a life coach? Well, although I hate to use these words, they are appropriate . . . “It depends!” Depends on what?! It depends on how you advertise yourself, and how the client approaches... (Read More ...)

Devon Brown, Business Success Coach If you want to get a real strong start in your life coaching business, check this out! My friend Devon Brown just made a video describing our recent interview on Logical Soul Talk. First watch the short video below, then CLICK HERE to hear my whole 30-minute conversation with this dynamic business coach (and by the way, please leave us a comment afterwards)!  (Read More ...)

Don’t let fear cloud your vision. Today I’ve decided to write about a subject I’m deeply familiar with: fear. This is an emotion that can shatter your dreams and stop you from living your life. Fear has stolen many years of my life, and the lives of others. For many, in fact, it is the primary motivator of the subconscious mind. So how DO you get beyond fear? As a life coach, you must have tools and the understanding to help move your client beyond his or her fears. The first step is to realize that you often attract clients with problems or concerns that you yourself need to... (Read More ...)

Life coaching and mentoring transform lives. When I first entered the world of life coaching and mentoring, I had trouble understanding the difference between the two. Was a mentor also a coach, and could a coach be a mentor? It got more confusing when I researched online and found conflicting definitions. Some websites even said mentoring and life coaching were the same thing. I can see how people might come to this conclusion. Life coaching and mentoring are two ways to transform people’s lives. They both help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Even the skills overlap, including... (Read More ...)

Mentoring Skills are Vital Being a mentor can be extremely fulfilling for both you and your mentee. With the proper mentoring skills, you can forge a strong relationship that will encourage both of you to grow and develop in ways you may never have expected. What’s great about mentoring is that you can utilize a lot of the skills you may have already built up as a life coach. But what sort of mentoring skills do you need to be effective? The first, and arguably most important, mentoring skill is listening.  When I first started my life coaching practice, I was told how good a listener I... (Read More ...)

Where are the coaching jobs? Are you looking for coaching jobs and finding none for the taking?  If you are a business coach, or someone with a specific skill set, you may have it easier.  Its fairly simple to put a price tag on your expertise, and – chances are – there’s a company out there who could use that expertise. If you are a Life Coach, however, who do you approach?  That’s a tougher one.  Who is giving out coaching jobs there days?  It makes you wonder . . . but why? its in the nature of the beast itself. You see, as a “life” coach you are a bit... (Read More ...)