Not Your Daddy’s Family Conference… I remember some afternoons in the 50’s and 60’s when my father would come home from work and call my sister and me together for what he called a “family conference.”  This, we soon learned was code for a threat-laced scolding. “Your mother tells me ya’ll were bad all day, and I’m going to spank you both if I hear one more peep out of either one of you today!” Dad then fingered his belt buckle, like Wild Bill Hickock might drum the handles of his silver revolvers while staring down a drunk on the streets... (Read More ...)

It’s Grandma’s Fault Guess what?  Grandma’s fear may have just stopped you from getting that big deal you were going for . . . or losing those ten extra pounds! So says the theory coming out of the latest field of research called epigenetics. In this article I’ll cover this interesting tidbit, then provide you with an interesting solution I call  family tree coaching.   Epigenetic Research While ancestral influences have been known and embraced by most cultures around the world, it has only recently gained the attention of western scientists and researchers.  Most... (Read More ...)

True Happiness? There are three major blocks to happiness . . . and, no, I’m not talking about your not getting enough sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll! These blocks are universal, and usually arise with the opportunity for real contentment comes around.  You know that feeling you get when you do something really nice for someone you care about?  Or the fleeting moment that occurs right after accomplishing something really big . . . ? That feeling is contentment.  The “three Amigos,” however, will block this feeling every time! So who are they…? The Three Amigos These... (Read More ...)

In my previous article, I talked about how either having high energy or shocking experiences can sometimes take you out of the body . . . at least that’s what happened to me since my nervous system at that time (work in progress) was not strong enough. In this article I want to discuss what I call “Spiritual First Aid” – or ways to come back in, get grounded, and thus be more effective in life. The Three Selves In the mid-1980’s I met my future (and current) husband, Dr. Michael Craig.  He introduced me to all kinds of new ideas.  One of my most favorite ideas had... (Read More ...)

I Just Finished My Seventh Higher Brain Living® (HBL) session, and I want to share the results.  (NOTE:  This is the technique I discussed in a previous Blog post, and one in which my wife Soma recently became certified.) Disclaimer:  This article is based on my personal observations as a client of HBL, its people, and the way it is presented and sold.  The number of HBL Facilitators have gown to almost 300 recently, and the number of clients continues to rise worldwide.  I just want to present here some insights from one who has no axe to grind, and also no relationship to the organization... (Read More ...)

Muscle Testing: The Ultimate Self-Help How would you like to be able to get instant feedback from your – or your clients’ – subconscious mind?  How would you like to know whether or not the affirmations you say every day are actually having any affect?  Now you can . . . and its much easier to do than you may think. Muscle Testing (or Applied Kinesiology) has been used for decades by chiropractors, doctors, therapists, and even the CIA to determine underlying truths.  Now you can too! Here is a video I made about four years ago, but the information is still perfect for today’s... (Read More ...)

OK, let’s cut to the chase . . . Coaching is really all about creating MIRACLES in your life and the lives of your clients. If you don’t quite get how that happens (and even if you do), you need to check out my latest online training entitled… Dr. Michael Craig Coaching Miracles I created this 4-video Series entitled Coaching Miracles from snippets of a presentation I gave about a year ago to a group of newly-certified Life Coaches.  After a little cleaning up and editing, it was still a little fuzzy . . . but the CONTENT I provided during that afternoon talk provided material... (Read More ...)

How Logical Soul® Got Its Start… Maharishi Mahesh Yogi I am constantly pointing out that the Logical Soul® technique harnesses the “nature of the mind to go to greater fields of happiness” by demonstrating how this works using the feedback of statements and muscle testing. But I must give credit where credit is due; I wasn’t the first to say this.  I was taught the profound meaning of this statement under the tutelage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008) many years ago when I became a teacher of his technique – Transcendental Meditation® or TM® – back in... (Read More ...)

“He Was A Gentle Soul” John Calerdine was a successful businessman, intelligent, friendly, and motivated by a genuine desire to grow personally and spiritually. . . all indeed qualities of a gentle soul.  I met him through my wife Brigitte, with whom he did business.  He was a client who was also working his way into our lives as a friend and supporter of the Logical Soul® program. . Then he died, suddenly last year.  He will be missed.  (Read More ...)

Interesting Stuff…  Today, my wife Brigitte and I had our first session of Higher Brain Living® (HBL), a technique we learned about only last week.  The sessions were given simultaneously by Walter, our facilitator, and took about 2 hours.  Afterwards we both felt refreshed and renewed, and now Brigitte wants to become a facilitator herself! I find the process interesting for a couple of reasons: First, the technique was developed by a Michael Cotton, a chiropractor who, like me, also studied acupuncture, eastern traditions, and various healing and energy modalities. Both of us, it seems,... (Read More ...)

It was a miracle –  and I hesitated writing about or telling the story about my experience in Kalibuwila Hospital that fall of 1987 for at least twenty years after it happened for fear of being seen as crazy…  But I swear it really happened: I agreed to see the boy with the bowed legs (rickets) with the understanding that I would only attempt to give him some relief and, hopefully, impart to his mother the need to add more vitamins and minerals to his diet. I put him face-down on the chiropractic table and started placing my fingers on a couple of points.  I don’t even think... (Read More ...)

Logical Soul® Training Update: Mark your calendar:  The next Logical Soul® Training Course will be held in Atlanta on November 8-9  December 6-7, 2014!  This course is unique of all life coach training courses in that it will teach you – step-by-step – how to create POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGHS in your own life and the life of your coaching clients . . . sometimes in minutes! More information will be coming soon. I discovered this technique in the early 1990’s as a result of years of searching for techniques and methods I believed held the key to the healing miracles I had experienced... (Read More ...)

When I first started working with clients, I was a Chiropractor looking to get beyond the obvious physical symptoms for underlying causes to problems.  In the beginning, this process was slow and tortuous. When I began my professional career (in the mid-1980’s) I was using techniques I was taught at school and seminars.  While I found most of them effective, they still didn’t give me the answers I was looking for.  It was only after I traveled the world and expanded my learning horizons that I realized the answers were INSIDE all the time . . . and that there was actually very LITTLE... (Read More ...)

I get asked all the time, “Your background is chiropractic. So why are you a coach, and why do you train Coaches rather than other Chiropractors and professionals?” That’s a valid question, and I hope this blog post will give you some insights into why I do what I do. First, however, I think it’s important to tell you WHAT I do before launching into the WHY … What I DO As a Coach and Coach Trainer I transform people’s lives in such a way that EVERYTHING they see, do or experience becomes more abundant, brighter and happier!  I do this by providing them with... (Read More ...)

Divine Listening is a process used by Dr. Michael Craig as part of the Logical Soul(R) process.  (Read More ...)

Coaching for Transformation The key to using Logical Soul® as a coaching tool is to understand that is powerful, not only for your clients, but also for you as a coach. The Logical Soul® is all about personal transformation, i.e., changing the nature of who you are, changing how you function and manage life situations, changing the condition of your life. I have been involved with Logical Soul® as a client, Intern and student for about three years. During this time I have found LS sessions to be completely unique and not like therapy, counseling or psychic readings. Logical Soul® – simply... (Read More ...)

I really enjoyed this video of Tony Robbins talking about how to condition your mind to follow through to success as well as how to provide value to your clients. He brings up a lot of great points that can be easy to forget while we’re complaining about where we are instead of focusing on where we want to be. The difference between the average person and those that follow through with their plans is 1. A greater fear of not taking action and/or 2. Having a very good reason to follow through.This is a profound insight. Take a moment to let it sink in. If you’ve been reading this blog,... (Read More ...)

If you’ve been a life coach for any length of time, you have no doubt found that clients often say one thing and do another.  Say you give them an assignment based on THEIR stated goal of putting together an action plan for a small business. They say they want to succeed in business and need to put together a list of ten priorities to accomplish over the next three months. This was the stated goal of one of my clients years ago, so I gave him that assignment, merely as an accountability exercise.  Simple, right?  We’re talking list here . . . not the actual doing of the list. Two... (Read More ...)

Being a Successful Life Coach is really quite simple.  In fact, it may have crossed your mind before: Provide real value to your clients and customers. These are Dr. Craig’s words, and they ring true. The International Coaching Federation conducted a study in 2009 that found that 78% of people believe the effectiveness of the coaching method to be “very important” when choosing a coach, topped only by personal rapport and compatibility. If you can genuinely help others find their own freedom and happiness, then you are truly a valuable coach. On top of that, 46% of people used... (Read More ...)

Are Ancestors important for Life Coaching? Judging by the number of ancestor-related websites being promoted lately, there appears to be a growing interest in checking out your family roots. is the 149th most popular site in America (according to Alexa) and averages over 700 hits a day, mostly by older researchers. But what does familiarity with your ancestors have do do with life coaching or counseling? A lot, it appears. Many spiritual practices and religions – particularly in native cultures and the orient – revolve around both the acceptance and, in many cases, the... (Read More ...)

I am a complete coward when it comes to needles. There, I said it. There’s no need to hide the obvious . . . when I was a little boy, my frequent visits to the doctor’s office and hospital were often accompanied by those painful, awful pricks to the arms and butt. “It’ll only feel like a mosquito bite,” said the nurse as she sidled up to me on a rolling stool, prepared to administer the dreaded instrument to my hind quarters. She lied. They all did. More often than not, big black bruises were the result of my being violated with that horrible stainless steel “thingee,”... (Read More ...)

Life Coaching naturally involves both “life” and “coaching.”  Since “life” can’t be defined, every life coach training program out there focuses on the coaching part, or things to DO.  These things usually involve active listening, appreciative inquiry, and a dozen other words to go along with a way of getting results based on connecting with others with an end or result in mind. What would happen, however, if the results could happen naturally based on BEING instead of “Doing”?  What if there were an approach built on “life”.... (Read More ...)

Results Coaching Update: When you hear the term Results Coaching what do you think of?  Normally you would think of trying to elicit a specific outcome from coaching, right?  Obviously, but the best results coaching method is often elusive for several reasons: The goals or aim is not clearly defined The client is unaware of his or her own hidden agendas, Both coach and client are trying to “Fix” a condition that is subconsciously locked in., and The “Lag” time between the stated goal and the results is often too long. Unless you as a coach have the right tool to ACCESS... (Read More ...)