How Often Do You Complete Your Resolutions? . . . Or how often do your life coaching clients do this??  If the answer is ‘seldom’ you (and they) are not alone.  Roughly 70% of all New Years resolutions fail to carry steam after January.  Lack of commitment to take consistent action, in fact, is the number one reason why resolutions fail! There is a way, however, to make resolutions in such a way that they not only stick, but get completed in record time because you WANT to commit to taking the actions necessary to finish the job! Last year about this time, I shared my “12 Magical... (Read More ...)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!  OK, its time to put down the party hats and eggnog, put away the Christmas tree, and start making plans for the new year.  It’s New Years Resolution time . . . Do your resolutions “take”?  If not, you’re not alone – most resolutions don’t last beyond January, but what can you do?  Here is a video where I cover the “12 Magical Steps To Make Resolutions Come True.”  Enjoy the video, but more than that . . . USE IT to transform your life (or the lives of your coaching clients)!  (Read More ...)

Set and ACHIEVE your goals this year! Happy New Year! As midnight came to pass, and I celebrated the New Year, I couldn’t help but think of all the wishes and hopes and dreams that people held in their minds for 2013. Marking a new year isn’t just about the future, but also about laying the past to rest so that we can continue our journey with lighter hearts and minds. Most people take this opportunity to commit to resolutions for the New Year. Statistics show that 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, and only 8% are actually successful in achieving those resolutions. That’s... (Read More ...)