OK . . . you started meditating because you heard that’s the way to get happier, right? More alive, more in tune with the Divine . . . to know who you truly are. But along with all those years of meditation, have you also sometimes felt lost or confused? Do you occasionally have a feeling that nothing you do makes a difference? Nothing really works? Do you find yourself spinning your wheels a lot? Maybe feeling a bit spaced out? I know I did. For many years, in fact. Today, however, I consider myself very happy. I came to this condition through a series of decisions (that I will go over later)... (Read More ...)

Soma and I hopped a Buddha Air flight in Kathmandu.  Destination: the Osho Ashram in Pokhara, also run by Swami Arun.  This place is a little more isolated and sparsely populated, but beautiful.  I see why Pokhara is such a popular destination for climbers and Trekkers. Unfortunately, the cloud cover kept us from getting some good shots of the Himalayan peaks that showed themselves rarely while we were there. Osho Ashram, Pokhara Nepal   Multi-species Rest Rooms View from kitchen Osho in PoKhara    (Read More ...)

Osho I first heard the term “No Mind” from the writings of Osho, my wife’s guru. He was the source of my realization that No Mind, meditation, pure awareness and life itself were all one and the same. Although I never had the privilege of meeting Osho in person, his words spoke to me in ways that still touch my heart and soul. Years ago, however, Osho (or Baghwan Sri Rajneesh as he was called at the time) was inaccessible to me.   This was not his doing, but mine. At the time – in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s – I was involved in another meditation... (Read More ...)