The subject of relationships has baffled learned scholars, scientists, poets and politicians for as long as mankind has lived on this planet.    Relationships are both necessary for the survival of the species, and can also be frustrating beyond comprehension. So what to do?  Is there a way to understand our spouses, friends co-workers and family members in such a way as to take the mystery and pain out of this universal phenomenon?? According to Robert W. Blazer, there is a powerful way to both understand human nature and find compatible partners for any endeavor we care to make a success. Mr.... (Read More ...)

Crazy Stupid? My wife Brigitte and I have long planned to write a book together about couples, how they go through “crazy stupid stuff,” and how they can get beyond it.  We wanted to share our experience of multiple marriages, and twenty years in our current marriage (our anniversary is in March!) for those who need some tools to overcome difficult patches in their marriage or union. So finally we are doing it!  If you are a couple looking for practical answers, this book is for you.  If you are a life coach or relationship counselor, this book will become a valuable addition to... (Read More ...)