If you’ve been a life coach for any length of time, you have no doubt found that clients often say one thing and do another.  Say you give them an assignment based on THEIR stated goal of putting together an action plan for a small business. They say they want to succeed in business and need to put together a list of ten priorities to accomplish over the next three months. This was the stated goal of one of my clients years ago, so I gave him that assignment, merely as an accountability exercise.  Simple, right?  We’re talking list here . . . not the actual doing of the list. Two... (Read More ...)

Do your Life Coaching clients set AND achieve their goals?  Do you??  If you have been coaching people for any length of time, you’ve heard the following: “Setting goals does me no good,” or “I just can’t achieve goals, so its useless to make them.” There is a Very Good Reason Why people do NOT set or reach their goals . . . so CLICK HERE to check out a very good strategy for dealing with the problem of goal underachievement. If this has been helpful, be sure to order my FREE REPORT on how you may be sabotaging your OWN success as a Life Coach!  (Read More ...)

If you have been coaching or counseling for any length of time, you already know that Self-Sabotage runs deeper than most of your clients realize. Most will try to cover up the sabotage, i.e., try to “look good” in spite of the fact that his or her life may be falling apart! Most people who suffer from self-sabotage may not even be aware they are doing it. In these cases, your coaching can provide a great service by merely pointing out the offending behavior and letting them self-correct. Getting clients beyond their self-stopping usually involves the following 4 Steps: Helping the... (Read More ...)

Why the Self-Sabotage? Does your life coaching client engage in self-sabotage so often that you sometimes think they should hold seminars on the subject?  Does this behavior frustrate you??  If so, check this out . . . Self-sabotage is rampant in today’s society.  It is, in fact, a form of “negative intuition” that leads the person addicted to it into strange, and often destructive, behaviors or results. Quite often the one engaging in the self-sabotage is unaware they are even doing it!   They are so used to that inner voice telling them what to do and how to act, they... (Read More ...)

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?   If so, you are in good company.  Some of the most successful people in the world do also. “But,” you might add, “it doesn’t really work for me or my Life Coaching clients.” Doesn’t it?  Or does it work precisely because you (or your clients) don’t believe it can?! Let’s look at this a little deeper . . . The Law of Attraction states, in essence, that you attract into your life PRECISELY what you believe. However this law, like the law of gravity, also operates without judgment, favoritism, morality, or... (Read More ...)