And Now…My Unicycle Falling Act! OUCH!! For a while, it looked like the end of my unicycling “career” . . . both bones in my forearm were shattered from a freak accident involving me, my unicycle, and a hidden dip in the asphalt on the Atlanta Beltline Trail. I had a broken arm. For over 4 years, since 2010, I had ridden over 4000 miles to help raise money for the Himalayan Children’s Charities, (a non-profit foundation helping to support Nepalese orphans . . . and now is involved with raising money for the massive earthquake relief effort there in Kathmandu) and had... (Read More ...)

It’s Official. As the self-proclaimed “Uni-Dude” – I have lost my mind. I’m finally biting the bullet and riding 200 miles for charity – on a unicycle – starting Thursday, November 13th  . . . at age 62!  This will be the longest single ride I’ve ever attempted.   A Unicycle Story In 2009 I couldn’t make it more than one mile without wheezing and trying to catch my breath.  I had recently failed a stress test, so I knew I needed to work out, but I hated going to the gym. It was then I realized I used to love to ride a unicycle as a kid... (Read More ...)